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Sexual InequalityPakistani politicians are running in circles like beheaded chickens because the new Global Gender Gap Report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) just came out. What seems to be the problem? Simple. Pakistan is second to last! The Pakistani newspaper The Express Tribune so reports in its article "Pakistan second to last in global gender equality report"

This article highlights the fact that the WEF estimates that the "gender gap" will only close by 2095. The horror!!! At the same time it highlights how truly pathetic the Pakistani position in this area is:

  • 141 in terms of economic participation and opportunity for women,
  • 132 in terms of education attainment,
  • 119 for health and survival and
  • 85 for political empowerment

And we say, good for Pakistan!

What? Are we nuts?

Not at all.

It so happens that gender inequality is a good thing (see Equal Sexuality Now). What is not a good thing is that Pakistan is pretty much in the dark ages when it comes to truly free markets. Is this lack of free markets that makes this poorly understood "gender inequality" concept an issue. As Pakistan evolves towards a Libertarian system (and we do forecast that this will take a very, very long time), gender inequality will become an asset.

Most of the time we need to look under the hood and below political and economic assumptions in order to fully understand an issue. Things are not what they seem and politicians are doing a fabulous job camouflaging them.

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