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Refugee CampThe Euronews Website has posted a series of articles about UN’s representatives' multiple statements complaining about the record high (since WWII) number of refugees and internally displaced people (50+ million). That’s a drag. Who cares right? You, us, we live in “stable” countries and if those “other” countries can’t behave, what’s that to us? We don’t live there. Not our problem, right?

Well, precisely.

It is not really our problem and it should not be our problem (nor yours, for that matter).


The UN High Commissioner, Antonio Guterres, stated: “There is a general sense of impunity. Conflicts emerge, dramatic violations of human rights appear and the international community has lost much of its capacity to prevent conflicts and solve them (in a timely way).”

Let’s analyze this statement.

There is a general sense of impunity.

Aha. Uhu (us scratching head). Since when is a “sense of impunity” against international law? Or country law? Or even moral or ethical considerations? A “sense” of something means absolutely nothing. It is a personal sensation. Would the Commissioner prefer a sense of state terror? That would dwarf the any sense of impunity. Or perhaps a sense of delusion? Irrational happiness? Disbelief? What difference does it make? And if it makes a difference, then what kind of solution is the Commissioner proposing? None. Of course. OK. Got it.

Conflicts emerge…

Well.. yeah… That’s a fact. Why is he repeating himself and re-stating the obvious? We know that conflicts emerge. What we don’t hear very often is where do they emerge from and, more importantly, who is the enabler? That would be news! As we have stated in War Is A Good Business Invest A Child, it is always the same story. Governments are the only organizations with sufficient funds to implement a “decent” war and as such they are the only responsible parties for wars. However, who in the government makes the decisions to go to war? It certainly isn’t the building or the garden, its… wait for it… politicians!!! So, yeah, conflicts emerge because politicians enable them. Conflicts don’t just emerge out of nowhere! Do you have any idea how difficult and expensive the logistics of war are? Just ask the bankers that are supplying the loans. Trust us, it is very expensive indeed!

…dramatic violations of human rights appear…

Of course! These “dramatic violations” appear from nowhere. We know; particle physics is to blame! Doesn’t particle physics explain how particles are created out of nothing? Surely then “dramatic violations” should also be able to appear out of nothing! No? Well then… if such violations do not appear by themselves, there must be a culprit, a root cause. But hold on, didn’t he say that there were conflicts? Conflicts that we linked to the decisions made by politicians? And what happens in conflicts? Laws, rules and regulations go out of the window. Isn’t that what wars are all about? The pursuance of economic goals through other means? Therefore we again must reach the conclusion that these “dramatic violations” are a direct consequence of decisions taken by politicians.

… the international community has lost much of its capacity to prevent conflicts and solve them (in a timely way).

Of course! Silly us. The “international community”! Why didn’t we think of that before! Of course! The international community which is in the hands of those very same politicians that created those conflicts in the first place! They will contradict themselves, place all their goals and desires aside, back pedal and end those conflict! Of course! Silly us!... no… wait a minute… this does not compute… Excuse us Mr. very-important-Commissioner, but could you please explain to us in simple words (we are idiots and do not understand such complex concepts) why exactly would the “international community” stop those conflicts? … never mind the how…

And lastly, what has the “timely way” go to do with anything? So… if a conflict is solved in a “timely way” that’s OK right? So long as the number of refugees and internally displaced people do not top last year’s figures we are OK right? Who cares how many should die as long as the apparatchnik from the UN got numbers that can be added in his resume. OK. Got it. Timely way conflicts are OK. The UN says so. Message received.

As if the original statement wouldn’t be stupid enough, the Commissioner also added that: “The solution is political. There is only one way to stop displacement: it’s to stop conflicts; it is to find peace. And that capacity is what is lacking in today’s world.”

Let’s be clear; the conflicts that cause all these refugees and internally displaced people are caused by politicians. The solution is not to be found in a self-contradictory “international community” lead by those very same politicians that created the conflicts in the first place, but in the repudiation of all politicians. It’s really simple: remove the root cause and the problem goes away altogether and permanently.


The UN report that started this slurry of articles also mentions the many orphans and separated children that travel alone or in groups. They are the most dispossessed and hence the ones deserving the most protection. Alas, that is not the case.

Fair enough and again, who caused the conflicts? Politicians. Who are doing less than nothing for the children? Politicians. Why are they doing so (or not doing so, to be precise)? Because children don’t vote. Children don’t count for anything other than being political chess pieces during election years… but… since in a conflict we don’t have election years, though luck!

And so again we reach the conclusion that not only politicians are to be blame for those conflicts, but that they even fail (on purpose) to protect those who need their protection the most! Nice!

But, then again, Mr all-high-and-mighty Commissioner wants your pity and so he places the children front and center. OK. Here is an idea, why not denounce the very politicians that start those conflicts in the first place? Ahhh…. Grasshopper…. For that, you have to follow the money. Who pays the Commissioner? The UN. Who funds the UN? Countries. Who controls countries? Politicians. And so we arrive at the first rule of any good bureaucrat: do not ever bite the hand that feeds you.

What is happening to the children is terrible, but bureaucrats’ salaries come first. What the heck! That’s why these people got into “public service” to begin with! To have a great life doing nothing! They are not about to jeopardize a life-long career of doing nothing just for children! Are you kidding us?


And then we have those evil, evil EU countries that are avoiding their obligations to take refugees, such as Greece and Hungary. Those pesky refugees, how dare they to attempt entering into "stable" countries and "sapping" our richess?

According to Michael Diedring, the secretary general of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE): “Allegations persist of refugees being illegally pushed back in particular at the Greek-Turkish and Bulgarian-Turkish borders.”

How dare they!? Don’t they know that they have a written obligation to do so? Oh… that’s right… written means nothing since there is no way to impose anything on politicians… silly us… we keep forgetting.

But it any case, it is their obligation to take all those refugees because…because… camon’ help us here… because… Oh well…no, they don’t actually have any obligation to do anything because they don’t actually represent anybody (as we have shown in multiple articles including Social Contracts Are A Scam ). And so they may or may not help somebody based on the political expediency (or lack of thereof) of doing so. Nice. Oh… don’t forget that they actually get paid for this… from your money (taxes)… and your future… and the future of your family… yeah… don’t forget that one.


And so refugees are most definitively neither your problem nor ours. No, we are not callous; it so happens that truly it is not our problem (nor yours for that matter). We did not cause it. Politicians did. It is their problem. You must stop listening to politicians. If you wish to help those people for moral or ethical reasons, by all means, please do so. However, do not delude yourself into believing that you are actually solving the problem. You are not. Your un-friendly politician is the root of the problem. If you wish (and we mean really wish) to do something about it, convince other people not to support said politicians. Which politicians? All of them. Stop voting. Stop giving them legitimacy. Believe us, the problem will go away by itself.

Or not. You may choose to continue believing in the current system. What will it get you? More of the same, more conflicts, more refugees and more internally displaced people. Your choice.

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