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In this little daily of ours, we have been repeating ourselves time and time again. This is necessary because only repetition supported by facts can get the message across. It is quite simple, really. Politicians can’t be trusted – again.

In March this year the Montreal Economic Institute released an interesting document titled “Who Spends More: Left or Right?”

The Institute tried to answer the question by analyzing spending patterns in Canada, US and the province of Quebec. The general public consensus is that the Left tends to increase government and increase spending, while the Right tends to do the opposite.

Left and Right Spending


However, the numbers indicate a haphazard pattern, more or less resembling the opposite: the Left spends less and shrinks governments while the Right spends more and bloats governments.

They also mentioned an earlier study that was done across 15 industrialized countries in the early 1990’s reaching about the same conclusion. However, it added a new insight: after a few years in power, all governments spend about the same.

Which supports what we have been saying and thinking for a very long time: there really makes no difference who is in power, they are all the same!

Interestingly enough, this is exactly the feeling one the street. Poll a group of people and they will instinctively tell you that governments are boring because they all look the same. They do so because they actually do the same things and spend the same amount. There is no practical difference!

However, every single election we are told and re-told about the difference between Party A and Party B and how a would-be newcomer will fix all the problems with this new-and-improved economic or political reform. Bull Shit!

Sorry, we meant horse manure!

The truth is that if all governments spend more or less the same, why exactly do we need them? Just determine a fixed percentage of GDP to be wasted… sorry, “spent” and get rid of all the dead weight. Why do we need politicians if they not accomplish nothing but make no difference? The answer is: we don’t.

The truth is that there would be a solution for our problems, particularly the economic ones, the politicians would have found it by now. The truth is that there are no solutions for as long as there are politicians. The truth is that to solve our economic problems we need to unleash the creative potential of the human race. We need to break outside of the Democratic box that has been… well… boxing us in… for too long already.

The political game is simply a musical chairs game with several people bidding for their jobs. It really does not matter who is the king of the chairs, in the end they all do the same.

Now you have more data. Now you can make a better, informed decision. The choice is yours.

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