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A great deal of politicians are demagogues who create environments of acceptable bigotry against religious people with absolutely no accountability from their political parties or the media they control. Their false claims, like the ridiculous idea that millions of people from different religions are extremely dangerous, is actually a very dangerous concept. History has taught us that these kinds of developments only lead to extreme consequences if we don't address them. These people typically have outlandish, illegal and invalid policies to propose, which only embed their supporters with a sense of superiority and manifest destiny.

This is particularly concerning in a moment when we are seeing a spike in wars, religious turfs, absolute thinking and extreme righteousness. These kinds of ideas only inspire vigilantism which inevitably degenerates into vandalism, assault, and ultimately murder.

Do you know what scares us the most about politicians? It is the silent majority. The majority who keeps voting thus enabling politicians to empower people to express their most hateful and bigoted behavior all in the name of the so-called "truth" which is conveniently delivered to them by "infallible" leaders.


All of the political candidates typically running in an election are terrible for women's rights but the politicians that have lately taken power throughout the world seem to take particular joy in diminishing and the degrading women; or as they call them "inferior", "unworthy", "property".

Since most politicians who arrive at the highest posts of government have been painstakingly fighting their true inner notions about women, we have no way of knowing what their true intentions are. We only have their words to guide us.

We have heard time and time again how silken words coming from the mouth suddenly become downright aggressive when in their privacy. Who hasn't heard a politician using the word "pussy", "bimbos", "good for nothing" and other terms which in general imply that women should stay at home and have babies.

The problem with politicians is that in ultimate analysis their real views towards women eventually emerge in their policies, laws and regulations. But by them, it is too late.


A great deal of politicians are mouthpieces (or to be precise mind pieces) for many unsavory, racist, and xenophobic notions belonging to the people who support them. To a large degree they are supremacist in one way or another. As long as the color of your skin is different from theirs you are the enemy. By doing so politicians loath to disavow the worst groups that have been crawling through human history and in so doing giing them permission to express their racist and hateful ideas. And this is terrifying.

To make matters worse these elements are somehow subdued, processed, normalized, and churned out as neutral news for all to consume by the media. How many extreme actions have we witnessed just because the color of our skin is the "incorrect" one? To be white in a yellow society it's a crime. To be black in white society it's a crime. To be brown in Europe is a crime. To be tanned in Latin America is a crime. How many places on earth are free from such extreme biases? None. How many places on earth are free from the violence that these trivial differences present? Not many.

The portion of people with the "right" skin color who support those politicians become emboldened. The climate that this creates for all kinds of extremism and violence is a threat. The candidacy of such politicians (most politicians), is simply the manifestation of color supremacists fighting a losing war against a sea of change that is coming to them. It is always very difficult to decide what is more terrifying; that such politicians actually achieve power on a regular basis or the mob violence that it inevitably follows.


One does not have to imagine what the so-called freedom of the press looks like under those politicians because we live it every day. In such regimes reporters are thought of as "liars", "the enemy", "bloodsuckers", and in general terms bacteria to be exterminated. Only the thinnest of political veneer required to remain in power provides a miniscule amount of protection to reporters.

People reporting the news are typically manipulated, pushed, insulted, attacked, disappeared and, when necessary, murdered. We know this. Everybody knows this and yet nobody cares because politicians not only allow it but encourage it.

This kind of disdain is nothing new in the political arena. It is only a matter of degree, language, and money spent on the repression of reporting people. Most politicians are no strangers to the idea that reporters who do not favor their causes should be arrested, jailed and when possible, disappeared.

Many politicians routinely threaten newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and other outlets if their stories don't match the official party line. We see this time and time again to a larger or smaller degree depending upon the level of power concentrated in the hands of politicians. The more powerful the politician the more extreme the response.


In most countries in the world poor people are the unwilling victims of political campaigns simply because they are easy targets. The strategy of these politicians never changes because poverty discrimination mashes well with rhetoric because we, the righteous ones, are never the target. We are never the poor ones. We are never on the verge of being deported or exploited. They are. We are never them.

Poor people are typically the targets of politicians because they are undocumented and have committed the unforgivable crime of trying to make a better life for themselves. Just imagine what happens to poor people when politicians of one extreme or the other take over. Poor people can't vote therefore they can be targeted very easily and blamed for all the evils that the Democratic system itself created over the last 200 years. How many politicians enacted laws and regulations demanding that every single citizen or indeed resident must carry identification documents at all times? It would probably be easier to make a list of countries where this is not required.


For all these reasons we despise politicians of all religious convictions, skin colors, political orientations, wealth levels or ideas. Because sooner or later one way or another their so-called "enlightenment" ends up imposing their ideas upon us.

As human beings it's not only our duty not to vote but our obligation to every other human being on this earth. It is our obligation to reid ourselves from this class of oppressors by making sure that the system who created them in the first place it's never revived. We fully understand that not voting it's a hard decision to make. After all we are human beings and as such we are subjected to the tyranny of the time preference rule. We want a better life now even if to achieve it we need to vote for the lesser evil. It is precisely this predisposition that prevents us from rejecting any and all votes. But this is precisely what we must do. Of course, this will not happen until you are utterly convinced that this is the only way out. And for that, you must evolve politically. Unfortunately for you and for everybody else this evolution is very painful.

However, and this is the good news, you can start here and now. All that it is required it's a little bit of willpower. Stay at home. Don't vote. Or, if you are forced to vote, vote blank. Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your future. If not, you already know what's in the horizon because the horizon it's here with you at all times. It's your choice. Use it wisely.

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