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God Protect Us From PoliticiansIn yet another laughable decision, pope Francis (yeah… that guy) decided that women who sought abortion can be forgiven if they show contrition… but only during the “Holy Year of Mercy” which runs between Dec 8, 2015 and Nov 20, 2016.

If you seek absolution between those dates, it will be given. If not, you continue to be excommunicated unless a “senior church figure” grants absolution. Typically we don’t do religious articles because any religion is in and by itself a poorly designed, internally inconsistent, faith-based theory. But in this case we will make an exception, so laughable is this position.

Let’s begin.

Murder is considered a “capital sin” by the Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church (yeah… that church). As such it goes against one of the ten commandments and it means that if you die without absolution you go straight to hell. However, an abortion is such a “horrific sin” that it is considered not only murder but so grave a murder that if you die without absolution, you go straight to hell. Do you see the obvious difference? Oh… wait.

But that’s all right. According to church doctrine and based on the teachings of The Christ, all that is required to achieve forgiveness for a sin is true contrition... and reparation if possible. Furthermore, The Christ also specifies that in order to achieve absolution you must ask for it to God, no intermediary necessary. However, in a twist of interpretation, The Church declares that you cannot seek absolution by yourself even when contrite and must go through not the average priest but a “senior church official” to get it. Hummm… miscommunication? Probably. You would have the same problem if the last official communication you received “from authority” was 2000 years ago and a great deal of it was written in languages which are either dead or have changed so much that no even the most erudite scientists agree in their meaning. Of course, The Church lawyers (The Holy Inquisition… yeah… it still exists) use a tiny entry in the Bible to justify their position… In contradiction with a universal legal principle dictating that “who can the most, can the least”. Basically, what The Church is saying is that although God absolves sins, you cannot get to God without going through them, even though God itself said you can (if you believe scripture). Whatever…

But it gets better. In normal times you would have to jump through a great deal barriers to get absolution for abortion, but on this “special” year, you can get it for free! WOOHOO!!! Because, you know, contrition in this year is sooooooo much better than contritions from last year or the following ones. Because you know…stuff… and because… this year is… well…this year… and… stuff. There. Thoroughly explained.

Let’s be clear.

This new “initiative” from the Pope is equally stupid as any other initiative from any other politician. It is not religions we have problems with (after all, it is your personal choice) but politicians in whichever field we can find them. You must never forget that the Pope is a politician. Nobody gets to that position without playing politics with their peers. Additionally, you must never forget that the Pope is probably the last absolute head of state in the world. That’s right. Literally, what the Pope says is law in the Vatican. This is, by definition, the ultimate political power… which makes the Pope the ultimate politician… and as such making the ultimate political errors…

Actually, we will go even further. We will stipulate that the fact that there is a “special year” when you can get a discount on your absolution does not bother us too much. What bothers us is the ridiculous attempt to justify this year. The motto is “Merciful Like the Father” and as Archbishop Rino Fisichella stated, this upcoming year “serves as an invitation to follow the merciful example of the Father who asks us not to judge or condemn but to forgive and to give love and forgiveness without measure”. Aha. Uhu. Because in other years believers are free to ignore or at least downplay the “merciful example” and it is therefore more-or-less OK to judge and condemn and not forgive. Of course! Silly us!

Give us a break!

Look, this is not difficult. It is called “critical thinking” and it is what you should be teaching your children… and your children’s children… and your children’s children and so. The point is not to destroy faith, the point is to obviate, ridicule and ignore useless (and dangerous) politicians.

Faith within a Libertarian system is actually a good thing. It is the ultimate expression of your freedom. However, when your faith is compromised by politicians and in so doing those politicians endanger your faith, you should question their doing. People have faith in religions but this does not mean that they must have faith in their hierarchical structures. Never forget that such structures are of earthly (not divine) origin and as such they are fallible. When you choose a religion you pledge your soul and life to a God, not to its self-appointed earthly representatives. Because remember, unless God itself appoints people to such roles, people have no authority to appoint themselves. Early Christians got it right. They didn’t have priests but “leaders” who were chosen more-or-less democratically. They were chosen because they were wise and were considered counselors and guides, not dogmatic apparatchiks with the power of eternal life or damnation at their disposal.

But then again, the structures of organized religion have been going on for so long that people no longer makes the distinction. It is for this very same reason that people can no longer distinguish between parties, politicians, governments and democracy. They have all been blended into one amorphous form that has engulfed us all. Just like “The Blob” (the scifi movie).

If this is your case, if you are OK with it, then take it on faith. And we mean blind faith. And enjoy. Because sooner or later reality will hit you in the face.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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