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NG Wars


European countries are now fully dependent from Russian NG considering that:

Libia is a non-state and there is no hope to get NG from there.

The US torpedoed the proposed Persian pipeline that would have brought NG from Iran by forcing EU nations to embargo Iranian NG as part of its economic warfare initiative.

Russians sunk Nabucco.

EU is now and in the future under permanent Russian control and in permanent short supply of NG. There is a chance that by 2030 the US will begin meaningful exports of NG to EU, but the need exists now.


Through economic sanctions this energy-rich country has been reduced to a net importer or NG. There was a project to build the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline which would benefit all three countries while strengthening dependencies and hence stabilizing the area, but the US offered India a juicy civil nuclear deal to drop it. Over time the talks resumed but this time Saudi Arabia sabotaged its construction through sanctions and pressure.


This oil-rich country has allegedly spent about 3 billion USD to ensure instability in the region, particularly in Syria and Iraq to neutralize the supporters for the construction of the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline which would deliver Iranian and Iraqi NG to EU through the Mediterranean Sea. Qatar is pushing for its own pipelines, namely the Qatar-Saudi Arabia-Kuwait-Irak-Turkey and the Qatar-Saudi Arabia-Jordan-Syria-Turkey. However, as Syria is being supported by Russia, it is unlikely that any of these pipelines will ever come to fruition.


This country lost the Iraq-Turkey oil pipeline in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Now it is trying to build a NG pipeline to connect with the Iraqi Kurdistan but the region in inherently unstable. Turkey consumes NG from the Russian South Stream and some from Iran but neither country is happy with this because Turkey is in the NATO. In turn, due to its geographical location Turkey de-facto controls all the NG going to EU through its territory and as such has undue influence over EU affairs.


This country continues to build on its Russian NG pipeline by extending it to Central Asia. Meanwhile the US has pressured Myanmar to discontinue the construction of its NG pipeline to China, sabotaged the Iran-China NG contract (25 years worth of supply) and expulsed Chinese personnel from the strategic Pakistani port of Gwadar (Indic Ocean) which could have been used as a supply port to transport NG.


The US is attempting to "Balkanize" the Pakistani province of Balochistan because it is a large source of NG and because China is planning to build a pipeline from there to Xinjiang. In the process, Pakistan will probably disintegrate.


It is well known to be a large source of funding for Sunni terrorist groups. What Saudi Arabia accomplished through this financing (among other objectives) is the following:

  • Neutralized the Iraqi oil production
  • Sabotaged the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline


Everything above described is in the public domain. People know but do not put the larger picture together and do not care. This is normal. However, we are here to point out that thanks to the actions and activities of politicians in power (from the left, right, centre, religious or secular) about 3+ billion people (half the world population) are far, far worse off that they would have been should governments would not exist. Should these vast NG resources be in the hands of corporations, most of this wealth would have already been benefiting people. Although it is true that corporations would fight each other, on average they would have been far less successful than governments simply because warfare is not an economically viable proposition. Governments (on the other hand) can afford to continue its destructive practices regardless of the ongoing misery that they produce while using political excuses to justify poverty and desperation. The NG wars are nothing but a slight scratch on the surface of WMD's packages that politicians deliver every day throughout the world. Remember, none of this is fiction but facts; reality. Your life indeed is poorer and more miserable due to their actions. They have an exorbitant effect on your wealth and wellbeing. The biggest tragedy is that the damage is so massive and so widespread that remains invisible because everybody suffers and in so doing this state of affairs appears normal. Don't delude yourself. There are guilty people out there. There are root causes for these problems. The criminals have taken over the world and the worst part is, we are voting and supporting them with our money.

Eventually, you will have the opportunity to make a choice. You will have to either support or reject politicians and the very concept of government. Don't delude yourself. This day will come. It would be better if you begin to study today. But then again, it is entirely your choice although something tells us that usually you don't vote blindfolded. It would be a bad idea to begin now.

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