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ScamThis is one of the most important and basic tenets of all politicians because what they do is secret, while what they say is widely publicized. How convenient.

A few days back, the Romanian newspaper Hotnews published an article titled "Romanian Parliament sparks harsh international reactions with vote to provide immunity against corruption charges". It so happens that Romanian Members of the Parliament "adjusted" the Penal Code to provide… wait for it… enhanced immunity for them against corruption charges!



A country that does justice to politicians.

No longer will Romanian politician have the need to "earn" their keep in the dark. No, we are not referring to parliamentary wages but the "other" stuff… you know… that little "extra" that makes life so worth living. No longer will Romanian politicians have to be afraid of a nocturnal knock in the door by people with guns, badges and arrest warrants. They are now free to deal and wheel as they feel the "need" to do.

  • Conflicts of interest? Immune!
  • Corruption investigations? Forbidden!
  • Abuse of office? Immune!
  • Cronyism? Approved!

But wait, there is more. A new lobbying law and easy amnesty for indicted politicians and officials has been "temporarily" shelved. Guess what's going to happen in the next political cycle? You got it! The "temporary" will become now!

Seriously, we are not making this stuff up. It is all there in black and white in Romanian law.

It is refreshing to see people so incredibly stupid and candid as to actually put this stuff into law. Well, after all, Romanians have just started with this thing call Democracy and they still keep the old soviet mentality, where anything on paper (as long as signed by authority) was valid.

But… is this is? We already knew this is how politicians and bureaucrats operate (see Politicians And Bureaucrats Job Security Through Misery).

No, this is not the new, this is the entrée.

The main course is this:

The US embassy, in its infinite wisdom declared that:

  • "A basic tenet of democracy is that all people are equal under the law"

Gee… thank you for reminding us. Now, as a clarification, which "law" applies in Guantanamo? Or the other countries were "extraordinary rendition" applies? Or the many "military" prisons the US commands such as Abu-Ghraib? Or when US bombed Laos and North Vietnam? Or when the CIA kills people and topples governments? Or when the NSA intercepts in a wholesale manner world-wide communications? Or when the US president signs secret "presidential orders"…or…or…or Which law does apply?

  • "The amendments to the penal code passed yesterday" … "represent a step backward for Romania" … "were passed with no consultation, no debate,"

You mean like the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in US that essentially rubber stamps whatever the NSA says without any real chance of review and prevent any meaningful defense? Or the Presidential findings of "Clear and Present Danger"? Or the special laws that US Senators and Representatives passed to exclude the US Congress from EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) laws and labor laws? Like those you mean?

  • "a step away from transparency and rule-of-law"

Right! Like the US where over 3 million people have security "clearances" to see what the other 99% of the US population cannot? You mean this kind of transparency and rule-of-law?

  • "Transparency, predictability and stability are critical factors for all investors"

Right, right. Like in US where the Fed (the US Central Bank) has generated so much money out of thin air that boom and bust cycles in other countries are now directly controlled by this printing. This kind of stability? Must be all the stability achieved by all the weapons sales by US (yes, they are number one!).Got it.

Let's be clear.

It is not the dealing, stealing, cheating, conniving, that gets us. Not even the hypocrisy of it all. These are all common coins in politics. What gets to us is the spinning of these events, where some clever government uses comparative measures to paint itself as the leading champion of truth, justice and "all is good" while in the background reaching untold depths of depravity and malignancy.

It's the "we are good because we are not them" all over again. The KGB would be proud of such disinformation. Positively nauseating.

As you can see, dear reader, the old maxim of "do as I say but not as I do" is alive and well and the world has not stopped traveling around the sun, and tomorrow will be another day. Nobody cares. This is why we say, let the chips fall where they may. Dismantle governments. Let politicians struggle in the real world, without an omnipotent state behind them.

Alas, they won't because "the state is they" (paraphrasing Louis XIV of France).

Yet another tiny piece of the puzzle has fallen in place… a gazillion more to go.

Now you know and you may believe it or not; as usual, your choice.

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