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Why do we bother to rub these issues in your face? Because it is the only way in which people can learn. We don’t scour the world for news because we are “Internationalists” or because we are masochists. There is more than enough dirt in the countries we live in. Then why? Simple. To demonstrate that the problem is global and requires a global solution. Yesterday we publish and article clearly showing why Politicians Can’t Be Trusted - Again. Today, 24 hrs later, we bring you yet another massive reason why politicians can’t be trusted – ever.

In its article titled “Outrage against secret control plans of the CDU” the German newspaper Bild explains how the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) plans to increase taxes against its campaign promises, only 72 hrs after a massive electoral win.

The budget spokesperson for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group talked about using a “progressive” taxation scheme between the top tax rate and the tax on the rich to “relieve middle-income earners”.


We lied to you during the campaign elections. You should be used to being lied by now, so don’t complain. Thank you for your vote, see you in the next election, but right now, get lost. We will rob you of more money because we want to spend more and we will use the middle-class as an excuse.

Which is exactly what we explained in the lesson Who Watches the Watchers.

It has become standard practice to lie to the electorate in order to de-couple the stick-and-carrot democratic process from controlling politicians.

The so called “progressive” tax increases are only progressive in the sense that they progressively rob your wallet and your future. We have explained before in our lesson Those Bastards - The Rich People, why taxing the rich is counterproductive.

It is actually quite instructive to realize that the leader of a political party calling themselves Christian Democratic Union utilizes methods that are neither Christian, Democratic nor leading to a Union. With one single act, this leader has managed to underline and highlight why politicians can’t be trusted – ever!

Would you like to know more? Simple, just observe your preferred politician and compare electoral promises against current policies. Granted, most of the time this will be excruciatingly difficult because most politicians do nothing except voting their own best interest. However, meantime, they do nothing.

Still don’t believe us? Fair enough. Try to get a hold of a politician’s agenda. The public agenda. Do you know what will happen? They won’t allow you to have it. It’s that simple. Public servants, working in public jobs, working for the public and being paid from the public’s purse are allowed to do so in complete and total secret.

In summary, they foster their own best interest, are being paid from your wallet and on top of that, they operate in secret!

No wonder there are so many scam artists bidding for the job of politician! It’s a license to rob money!

You have been warned. You now know. What you do next is your choice.

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