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Today an article was published in the Russian newspaper Kommersant entitled “Police conducted a special operation in the Moscow metro”. Which is yet another example as to how Democratic or pseudo-Democratic problems are a world-wide issue and not a local one. In the article they describe how Interior Ministry officials raided the metro primarily in search of immigrants.  It is yet another example how we have all become illegal immigrants no matter where we go. The age of the immigration in the Fourth Reich (our Democratic world) has begun!

Russians don’t want illegal immigration!!!  

Seeing is believing.

We remember the heady days of the 50’s or the 60’s when the USSR would take pretty much anything at any time of the day or night, under any circumstances. The only problem was, nobody (except a few deluded ones) wanted to go there.

How things have changed! Now Russia (essentially the same oligopoly) does not want immigration. Oh… sorry… “illegal” immigration.  We only want the “good” immigration (translation: rich people) they tell us. Don’t give us your poor, your tired nor your huddled masses, we don’t want them.

OK. Can we instead migrate into EU? Nicht!

US perhaps? Not a chance in hell, buddy!

Japan? しない

Australia?  Get real!

South Africa? Nie.

Brazil perhaps? Não.

India? Nahim.


Got the picture? You, wherever you are, whatever you are, you, are not welcomed anywhere. Sure, come to visit us and spend your money, but don’t even try to stay!

As Absolute Austro-Libertarians we cannot but wonder why?  Why would countries be so opposed to immigration. The truth is that most countries in the first world (aka the “rich” countries) are de-populating. Which is a fancy word for saying getting empty. Babies are simply not being born.  So, what’s the problem there? One would expect that they would welcome newcomers with open arms. But they are not. The reason?

Social Services (which is political spin for money).

The truth is that all these countries can barely support their own population and don’t want to have to pay for services for more people. Screw immigrants!

They are, of course, incredibly stupid and short-sighted.

The truth is that immigrants built most of the successful nations of earth... and few of the others too. And it wasn’t “selective” (i.e. “the right”) kind of immigrants who built them.  All kinds of immigrants did it. Poor and rich. Illiterate and literate. Black and white. Females and males. Tall and short. In summary: people.

The truth is that one cannot “direct” immigration to get “the right kind of people”. It is simply impossible to forecast what a poor, ragged, broken, hungry Chinese 13 years old kind will be able to do tomorrow. Maybe she will revolutionize technology or save countless lives through counselling. Or maybe she will simply be a fantastic mom. Who knows!? Oh… wait… bureaucrats in governments know. They are omniscient. We keep forgetting about….

The point is that free immigration is what built the world we live in. Restricted immigration is what is killing it.

In an Absolute Austro-Libertarian system, given that there are no countries, one is free to move wherever and whenever one wants. It is free to be alone or in a crowded city. There are no artificial barriers and one can vote with the most decisive methods that exist: your pocket and your feet. And that’s freedom!

Now you know. Next time you take a look at your passport, try not to throw-up. We are still trying but with little success…

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