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Democratic SlavesToday we are going to explore (very briefly) a phenomenon which "democrats" (i.e. those idiots still convinced that democracy is viable) and "democratic politicians" (i.e. those cynical and clever enough to make a living of those idiots mentioned ut-supra) enjoy stating that it does not exist. This is, the "wrong" will of the people.

Apparently, democracy is for "the greater good" because it is the "people's choice" and as such we must bow to its decisions. Fine. And dandy. And screwy. Two counter-examples.


This guy has steamrolled his opposition in the primaries in US. Clearly, for better or worse he is and represents "peoples' choice". Yet, those "other" Republican politicians who have lost the possibility to renew their cushy jobs have banded together against Trump, this is to say, against "peoples' choice".

Their excuse? That Trump is bad. Well… with that kind of democratic logic it is absolutely clear that Trump must be prevented from exercising his right to be elected. What the heck! It's not like "the peoples' choice" actually means anything when we have all kinds of "enlightened" and "politically correct" politicians explaining "the people" what it is that they may or may not vote. After all, democracy is clearly a "peoples' choice" as long as they vote as indicated! Obviously!


This lady is a communist. No surprises here. Brazil is heading toward an economic debacle of major proportions. No surprises here either (see for example Brazil Yet Another Workers Paradise). Basically, the Brazilian communist party has been taxing, borrowing and printing with no end in sight. Now, suddenly, the end is in sight and it does not look nice. Thus, people are pissed-off and pissed-off people do what pissed-off idiots do. They throw a tantrum. In this case, the tantrum is against Rouseff because she can no longer spend. What are the excuses? They are "administrative misconduct and disregarding the federal budget"; basically, something that every single president/prime minister/king on earth does. Yet, Rouseff has vowed that she will "fight" against this "injustice"; against this "coup d’etat". Well… well… well… Sure. Rouseff has the right to oppose a democratic process (impeachment) which was democratically enacted (by Constitutional Law no less) and was democratically voted (in the Senate). Of course she has the right to do so… because… because… stuff and shit… you know? Obviously, a president/prime minister/king has the right to oppose any democratic process that do not suit her/his interest. After all, democracy is there to favour politicians, not to represent "the will of the people".


Look, this is not complicated. We all know that Social Contracts Are A Scam however, bribery contracts are not… for as long as money lasts. Such contracts are simple; politicians vow to spend and spend and spend and to provide free and free and free stuff to "the people" and "the people" keeps them in power. However, once the money runs out, the "free stuff" also does and the contract is broken. No surprises here.

What is interesting however, is how politicians suddenly disregard all democratic procedures and, as a matter of fact, clearly go against "the will of the people", even when its will has been democratically expressed.

Look, they can't have it both ways. If Democracy is in fact so good, then they must so recognize when it favours them and when it does not. They cannot pick and choose when and if convenient… yet… they do.

This shows you right there and then what it is that politicians really, really think of democracy.

It is for this very reason that we are Libertarians. Democracy is broken. It is a bad joke that keeps strangling your wellbeing. It does not work. It is kaput and it is threatening with taking you into an early grave with it.

The only question remaining that matters is this one: will you allow it? Your choice.

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