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Just Say No To GovernmentHave you asked yourself this question? If not, this is the time to answer it. Simple. We are here because just like you, we are the small people. We are not an army or a movement dealing with ultimate philosophical questions, but simply looking at how this big machine called government or democracy is grinding you into dust. We don't really care who is next in line or the upcoming politician du jour. It does not matter because the system remains the same. Immutable. Invariable. Same ol' same ol' bureaucrats and bureaucratic processes. Insult to injury. No good deed left unpunished. No silver piece left unstolen.

You see, dear reader, when big politicians and big political machines and big thinkers and big ideas are thrown "out there", they are just that; big… whatevers. You don't really care. And why should you? You cannot eat an idea. You cannot dress with an idea. You cannot shelter under an idea. And do you know what? You are right! You can't.

Our job here is to join the dots… and there are lots and lots of dots to join. Every decision that a government makes screws you up somehow. Think about it. Even if you are fully dependent from the state, you still pay taxes. You still have to pay apparatchiks' salaries. You still have to pay for inflated prices with depreciated currencies.

This is not a coincidence. Everything that a state does impacts you. Every single impact has a negative side. This is not a zero-sum game. This is a you-lose-they-win game. And as with any other rigged game the only way to win is not to play. In this regards, the old communist guard got it right. They taught armed revolution because they didn't like the game and saw those means as the fastest process to change it. Of course, we are not communist but still, credit is due where credit is deserved.

What did you think? That we wouldn't recognize the insight? Of course we will and we are! Just because it came from the communist side it is not an excuse to dismiss it… if correct. And it is.

We are here to tell you time and time again that your life is being wasted by government action. Your health is miserable. Your children poor. Your retirement in crisis. Wars. Hunger. Depressions. Want more? How about stress, frustration and desperation? Or oppression, corruption and tyranny? That enough?

Look, this is not difficult to understand. You walk through life trying to ignore the government because what they are doing to you is mindboggling. We get it. Denial is a recovery mechanism or a protection mechanism that our mind engage so that we don't die from stress. But this does not mean that you can't act rationally. This does not mean that you can't do anything. Of course you can! Simply… don't vote. Refuse to vote. Or vote in blank, if you are compelled to vote. Talk to other people. Ask questions. Give answers.

It is not a matter of proselytism, it is a matter of sanity. Nobody can live in denial forever. Sooner or later reality comes crashing down on you. And when it does… well... reality is a bitch! So, really, you don't have a choice. You don't stand a chance.

But you can fight back. Don't vote. Be an example of civility. Represent the future. Yes, you can as we can and did and do. As best you can. As best we can. Nothing is perfect but there is a better system, a better way.

We can release the infinite creativity of people now stifled by government in a sea of regulations and rules and arbitrary demands and ridiculous extortions… sorry… laws.

We are here because you are being blackmailed day in and day out and you don't even know it.

It's not that you are being lied, you are being conned. Perhaps the most sophisticated con in the history of human kind. It's a Ponzy scheme. A racket. A long con. Perhaps the longest con in the history of humanity. Remember, they have convinced you that they represent you. They have convinced you that they are there for your own good or protection. They have made you believe that this is the only system there is.

This notion, this idea that there is to be democracy or nothing is ridiculously absolute. Black or white. Yet, politicians thrive in gray areas. How is it possible? How is it possible that people do not join the dots and realize that absolute notions are the opposite or foggy promises?

They stand to gain something. Although not really gain as much as having the illusion of a gain. Because in the end, the house always wins.

Remember, gambling is constant. There are no hiccups. Casino owners know this and so do politicians. The all oppressing and extorting state is constant… much that you may believe that you have freedom. You don't. They only let you believe you have it.

Why are we here? To help you understand that the state in which you exist is not natural; it is un-natural, artificial, synthetic. True freedom is natural, the rest is a cheap imitation of a copy of an imitation… if only.

These facts do affect you. Don't kid yourself. Every second of every minute of every day of every week of every month of every year. Decade. Decades.

Yes. You are wasting your life in a rat race for a piece of cheese that doesn't even exist. That's the point. The pain you are feeling is real because it is imposed to you by your government. By their ideas. By their slogans. By their schemes.

There is a price to pay for all of that, and they are passing it on to you. Yes. You are the patsy. You are the mark. You are the slave. You.

Welcome to your political reality.

Do something. Or not.

Your choice. We are done here.

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