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A Good Treaty


The reality surrounding all these "global warming" circuses is vastly different and quite simple. The world is addicted to cheap energy. If we could have sufficient energy (cheap) we could do pretty much anything. It is not a fossil fuel crisis, it is an energy crisis.

What most people do not understand (because they are not chemists or engineers) is that with sufficient and cheap energy we can convert any arrangement of atoms in any other arrangement we may wish. This works both, at a micro and macro level.


We can -as it is chemically possible- to convert, for example, CO2 in C and O2 (i.e. carbon and oxygen). Presto! Global warming solved!

We can convert N2 (Nitrogen) and H2O (water) into (NH3)2NO3 (i.e. ammonium nitrate). Presto! The most vital of fertilizers has an endless supply.

We can convert CO and H2O into hydrocarbons. Presto! The fossil fuel crisis solved!

We can mine, purify and use any mineral we may want. We can have machines that would never stop and fix themselves. We can have just about anything we may want for close to nothing to the point that the bottleneck is manufacturing speed!

Yes, we can!

With abundant and cheap energy, we can clean up the world and end pollution. We can water the deserts and farm the seas. We can shelter, feed and care for everybody in the world, so cheap would things get to be. No. It is not a pipe dream. Do the math. Underneath all economic calculations and all entrepreneurial activities, the cost of energy lies hidden. If this cost drops to very low levels, yes we can.

It is not a matter or ingenuity or science or engineering. We, the human species, have passed that point. It is simply a matter of energy cost. Energy costs too much. Thus, we must use whatever we can get our hands on and this means fossil fuels. Or dirty nuclear fission. Or ridiculous "green" power.

Don't get us wrong.

We are all for green power, where possible, but...


But there is something else. Something better.

You know it. We know it. The people know it. Everybody knows it. There are alternate means of energy "out there" that are not being exploited. Take for example cold fusion. We know it works. They know it works. Everybody knows it works. Yet, mysteriously, we have had no "cold fusion" generators. Why? In a word: monopoly. State monopoly.


Any owner of fossil fuels (e.g. the Saudis) would be very frightened by the prospect of near-free, limitless energy that any person may install in their houses. What do they do then? They enforce their artificial monopoly. And how do they do that? By any means necessary.

This means that in effect, money is withdrawn from would-be "cold fusion" entrepreneurs. Companies and inventors are discredited through the use of state-sponsored or state-related "institutions of high learning". Larger organizations are "discentivized" from pursuing such a line of investments through the use of government contracts. And so on.

Are we saying that there is a giant, global conspiracy?

Not a chance!

What we are saying is that anywhere in the world, people with vested interests in fossil fuels are acting in the same manner simply because it benefits their own goals, which happen to be the same. But there is more. One critical element that makes all this possible.

None of these schemes and pressure points are possible without the artificial monopoly of force and the creation of money which governments "enjoy".


In a truly free market, sooner or later an entrepreneur with sufficient means will surface and produce near-free energy devices. This much is inevitable simply because there are always people who do not have other means to make money. Thus, they will exploit anything they can, that has a significant market.

So, why is this not happening?

Because of the capabilities of governments. Normal corporations cannot enforce artificial monopolies because such monopolies are simply too costly to enforce. However, if companies can convince governments to enforce such monopolies "for the greater good", then this costs them nothing! Even worse. Perversely enough, we end up paying through taxes (actual or hidden) for the ridiculously high cost of suppressing technologies which would solve most of our problems!


And so we arrive at the end game. What is this? Look. Global warming is the reflection of the energy crisis we live in. And the energy crisis we live in is the net effect of greed, enabled and made possible by government action. This last bit being of crucial importance.

And now comes the comic relief: The Treaty Makers.

Look, the Romans got it right: bread and circus works! They knew it and so do our politicians. They can't allow us to have near-free energy because this would sabotage the investments of their political contributors. No contributions no cushy job. Yes. It all comes down to something that banal.

In the end, we have global warming simply because politicians want to stay in their jobs. How freaky is this?


There is a disgusting link between global warming and politicians and this link is much, much solid than what it appears. It's no wonder that "Climate Change Treaties" collapse or that they are not worth the toilet paper they are written on. Of course not! Cause and effect. Causality. You support your government and our climate goes to hell! There! Now you know.

And how do we fix this? A usual. Remove the government from the equation and the problem solves itself. There! Now you know some more.

But then again, perhaps you prefer the "efforts" such as the ones performed by French "diplomats" to "reach" this "historic" treaty. Faaaaantasic! Just one question. When it becomes obvious that the treaty is worth exactly zilch, whachayougonado, whoyougonnacall? Just sayin….

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