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If you study politics for as long as we have, you will notice how recurrent certain themes are. The Times of India in its article Narendra Modi says Congress has written new ‘ABCD’ book on corruption, details his view about the current government. This is yet another set of corruption tales in India.

Some excerpts:

  • The country is on the verge of destruction
  • The entire party is dedicated to a single family
  • Our Prime Minister went to the G20 Summit but no one knows what issues he raised there
  • The government has no accountability and power to take right decisions
  • Whoever is corrupt gets promoted
  • No leaders, moral values, planning and right intentions
  • Rupee landed in the hospital

Sounds familiar? Every single political battle everywhere in the world, invariably turns into a battle of pointing corruption fingers at the current government followed by denials, denials, denials.

At some point, people get so used to this endless revolving door that they simply ignore the messages and counter-messages.

This is human nature at work. We would not expect otherwise. However, there is a lesson hidden here. Do you think that all these accusations are true or false? Most likely you are an average person and believe that although all may not be true, some probably are.

Why is it so? Because we came to learn that trusting the government, any government, is a bad idea. We know from experience that governments lie systematically and they are largely corrupted. Why should we trust them? No, what we need is a new government. One that will be pristine and righteous. One that will protect us and give us justice and a flourishing economy. We know that one of those is just there. Maybe in the next election… yes… the next election.

This way of thinking reminds us of the ethereal Mexican saying: mañana. Translated: tomorrow. In Mexico nothing gets done today, it is always tomorrow.

The same “tomorrow” virus seem to have infected voters. It is always the next election, the next government, the next tomorrow that will fix everything.

But the connection that voters almost never make is that it is not an issue of a different government, it is an issue with the governmental system that is flawed. Any government that will get to power will have the same flaws because it is the system that is flawed. And that cannot change until the system is replaced by something better.

It is because of this conclusion that we became Absolute Austro-Libertarians. We are “Absolute” because we fully recognize that a government system, any government system is flawed and must be replaced.

We abide by the Austrian School of Economics because it is based on common sense. It does not rely on a theory to explain how the economy works, but it simply explains how it works. It does not propose methods to “manage” the economy but it describes the benefits of an un-managed economy.

We are Libertarians because we are convinced that people can do better, much, much better than governments. Governments are unnecessary. They are wasteful and dangerous. The concept of government has run its cycle and now we know that there is something far better we can aspire to.

The choice is always yours. You can choose the government way or freedom. We can’t do it for you.

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