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Broken GoogleThe headlines read: "EU to breakup Google"… or something like this. A vote of 384 to 174 has been passed in the EU Parliament (yes, they too have one of those useless ones) to put on the table the breakup of large companies should they continue to operate as free markets…err… ignore idiotic bureaucratic requirements from governmental competition apparatchiks…err…use "anticompetitive practices"…yeah… that's much better. You can read all the details for example in Wired Magazine in an article titled " EU lawmakers urge regulators to break up Google".

Incidentally, don't you find the very idea of having a government organization that determines what is or isn't competition an oxymoron? This is, an organization that does not have to compete against anyone because it possesses an artificial monopoly over everything imposed by brute force (i.e. police and judges), feels that it can determine competition "rules" (as if there would be rules in competition - see We Dont Need No Stinking Competition).

Anyhow, why would the EU Parliament do so? Because Google has allegedly:

Favour its search services on its own website when compared to competitors

And what is Google supposed to do? Favour its competitors? How much more idiotic can this assertion be?

Use content from other websites

Well…we think that Intellectual Property is garbage (see A New Theory Of Intellectual Property Rights) but beyond that, if they are sooooo upset about this, why don't competitors sue Google for copyright infringement? Tell you why, because however little content Google actually uses it creates leads to other people's websites! Competitors just want the best of both worlds, no copy whatsoever and free leads. Sure…whatever…

Dominance over advertisement on search terms

So Google does it better than everybody else… and this is bad because… because… heloooooooooo… anybody there?.... heloooo ooooo….

Restrictions as to what advertisers can do with their campaign, particularly moving to a competition.

So… competitors are not happy about voluntary, private contracts between Google and their clients, is that it? How much more idiotic can this get???

Anyhow, we just wanted to remind you that regulatory idiocy is alive and well.

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