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Believe ObeyWe exist to open the eyes of those who want to see. Yet, we do not claim that ours is the enlightened path. We only claim that we can help you to find yours. Strange as this may seem, this is actually at the core of Libertarian beliefs, this is, the idea that we are individual, independent and therefore unique. This does not mean that we cannot achieve cooperation and coordination; far from that. It only means that there will be a vast number (infinite as a matter of fact) of ways in which we will find a way to make our lives better.

However, this uniqueness is highly inconvenient for those selling Idealisms. Political and religious theories are not based on the uniqueness of people but on the iron-clad rules that standardized and centralized powers dictate. This is so because said theories are absolute and as such they cannot accept deviations. Should they do so, the rule-makers would instantly become irrelevant. Why would we need rule-makers is we are able to determine or select rules by ourselves?

Thus, we have constant "lectures" from "competent authorities". One such occasion happened a few days back in Iran, where the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei gave a talk supporting the Iranian "campaign against global arrogance". And no. We are not making this stuff up. You can look it up by yourself.

Where did the "Supreme Leader" give this talk? At a meeting with university students in Teheran. Why did the "Supreme Leader" do so? Because they need to be seen though while negotiating the nuclear treaty… and because it is always good to remind the drones who the master is through reinforced conditioning… just like Pavlov's dogs.

The Supreme Leader stated that the "Campaign against the arrogant powers and hegemonic system is one of the tenets and essence of the [Islamic] revolution”… which is strange considering that the Islamic Revolution is a mish-mash of nationalism, populism and Shia Islamic religious radicalism. As you may have noticed, all those "isms" are quite arrogant in and by themselves. Furthermore, one of the divinely ordained obligations of a Muslim is to spread the message of Islam to every nook and corner of the world (Shahadah Al-Haq). So, here we have and absolutist religious theory which is also quite arrogant and demands expansion of its principles throughout the world stating that it will "campaign against the arrogant powers"… hum… did anybody bother informing the Supreme Leader that they are describing themselves according to their own sacred scripts and that the logical conclusion is that they will fight themselves? Guess not… After all Ali is only a low-ranking member of the clergy and not a "source of imitation" (Marja-e taqulid) as the original constitution demanded. And so it is understandable if Ali gets something wrong here and there. After all, it is highly dubious that the Quran was a subject of study at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia in the Soviet Union (also called the Patrice Lumumba University) to which he allegedly attended. Yes. That "university" from where so many communist "freedom fighters" graduated…

Moving on, the Supreme Leader also declared that the USA is an "excellent example of arrogance"… as opposed to Iran self-inflictable "campaign against the arrogant powers". Got it.

The Supreme Leader also underscored that the fight against arrogance is one of the principles of the Islamic Revolution. Aha… uhum… hohum…well…no. The Islamic Revolution has many tenets opposing corruption, extravagance, economic and cultural domination and/or exploitation by foreign powers (particularly Westerners), the Western culture as a plague and an intoxication. It also presents Islam as liberating from colonialism and neo-colonialism and a true awakening of the oppressed. It also imposes three obligations on Muslims: to unconditionally obey God's commands, to spread his message and to strive for the ascendancy of Islam. Yet, no "arrogant" clause. Anywhere. We guess Ali was asleep or reading a deprecated draft of the "revolution".

The Supreme Leader also emphasized that one of the most important objectives of the revolution is "establishing an Islamic community and reviving political Islamic thought". Right! Well… considering that the Islamic Revolution is in and by itself a patchwork of ideologies and compromises it makes sense to support the study and debate of its basic principles…oh…that wasn't what he meant? We see… Soo the bit about "reviving political Islamic thought" meant brainwashing and indoctrination? Oh… For a second right there he got us. And while we are at it, what has this got to do with fighting arrogance? Nothing whatsoever. Got it.

The Supreme Leader also offered the insightful idea that the hostility of bullying powers against Iran is all due to the country's refusal to give in to the arrogance system. Of course! Silly us! The fact that the Iran Revolution is a basket case that has produced nothing more than economic disaster, religious intolerance, war and a sky-high pile of dead people has nothing to do with it. Of course!

Additionally, the Supreme Leader noted that the aerial attacks of Saudi Arabia on Yemen is due to the anger that Saudis have over the Iranian clout in the region. Great! Now we know! Thank you Ali for that insight! And we thought that the intervening coalition did so to the request of the Yemeni government to prevent being deposed by a civil war. The fact that the "intervention" created a massive humanitarian disaster leaving about 20 million people without food, water and medical aid is all part of the plan to get back at Iran for having such an "influence" in the region. Of course!

And now for the big question: what was the Supreme Leader smoking?

Look, this is not difficult. If it sounds like bullshit, it looks like bullshit and the information on which is based is bullshit, chances are excellent it is bullshit!

We targeted the Supreme Leader because typically Supreme Leaders or Permanent Presidents or Constitutional Monarchs or Life-long Leaders do not have to bother with political correctness (or votes for that matter) and they just go ahead and spew whatever it is that their -typically diminished- mental capacity demands. In other words, they shoot their mouths with whatever pops in their heads. Be-a-u-ti-full! Pure and unadulterated nonsense. This makes our work so much easier. No need to dig, translate and retranslate from gobbledygook into "normal" English. It is all their for the shooting. Perfect!

And what has this to do with anything? Simple. Think! Do you believe that what Ali said makes sense? Of course not! It is propaganda! Yet, if you are an Iranian who has been indoctrinated from childhood to believe in this kind of stupidity, it becomes enlightening simply because it originates in "authority". For those people, we are here. It is our job to point out that they have indeed been brainwashed. It is our job to develop their critical thinking skills. It matters not what we analyze critically, it matters that we do. Eventually and over time we will settle and select a core belief we will be able to live with. Meanwhile, critical thinking is our best weapon not to fall for idiotic concepts and stupid ideas, regardless of their origin. Critical thinking is the best weapon we have against propaganda, religious, political or otherwise. The Supreme Leader's message was propaganda, plain and simple. Yes, it was wrapped in religion, nationalism and populism. So what? It is still propaganda.

And at this point we leave the air. It is now up to you to determine what to do next. You have two choices; either you begin to think or you don't. One choice leads to a better future; the other to the same old tired and failing world. Guess which is which. Just one thing. Careful what you choose, it may become your reality.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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