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We Are Not With Idiot


In the face of political cowardice, it's tempting to yield to defeatism, to argue that the status quo remains fundamentally unchanged, while the Panama Papers are, if nothing else, a glaring symptom of our society’s progressively diseased and decaying moral fabric.

Whoa buddy… that's a mouthful! What are you talking about? Political cowardice? Regarding what? The USA has pushed down the throat of all countries in the world (well… almost) a ridiculous set of so-called tax treaties that utterly destroyed any resemblance of bank secrecy, the ultimate nuclear weapon detonated being the Automatic Exchange Of Information which transformed all banks in rats. How does this jive with "cowardice"? But then again, you are such a courageous and outstanding and law abiding citizen that… oh… wait a minute… you did broke a truckload of laws and you remain hidden behind your anonymity…anonymity that you denied to thousands of people to their own properties. In other words, you, on your own accord, destroyed the privacy of thousands of people to their own, private wealth. Yeah… that's courageous… yeah…

But that's OK, because you and your morals and ethical high ground are here to lead us towards… what exactly are you leading us towards? Oh… yes… communism! Where a person's property is not really a person's property but whatever the government(s) (yeah.. multiple) decide that people can keep… for now… until they change their mind… And what is such a political system called? Ding, ding, ding! A Communist Dictatorship! Yeah! You got it! Thanks to micro-brains like yours we will eventually all live in a worker's paradise such at the USSR! Bravo! Oh… wait a minute…

But the issue is finally on the table, and that change takes time is no surprise. For fifty years, executive, legislative, and judicial branches around the globe have utterly failed to address the metastasizing tax havens spotting Earth’s surface. Even today, Panama says it wants to be known for more than papers, but its government has conveniently examined only one of the horses on its offshore merry-go-round.

Fifty years? Huh? Where have you been? Don't you read history? This goes back about 200+ years! For all this time governments have successfully encroached in peoples' lives and properties. If governments throughout the world would not have done so, the need for tax havens would have never developed! Yes. It was policies such as the ones that microscopic brains such as yours concocted that forced the creation of tax havens. Look you retard, tax havens are nothing more than the response of free markets to organized government robbery of the highest caliber. What has been metastasizing for the last 200+ years is the putrid idea that a person's property is not theirs but it is "societal"… which is represented by governments… which are composed by legislators… who answer to nobody! That's the cancer that is eating away our wealth, wellbeing and lives!

Banks, financial regulators and tax authorities have failed. Decisions have been made that have spared the wealthy while focusing instead on reining in middle- and low-income citizens.

Oh… we see. For economies to develop and bring wealth to everybody we need to take as much capital away from those who have it and destroy it to ensure it cannot be re-invested thus boosting the economy. Right! Oh… no… hold on… Let's try again. We must punish those successful entrepreneurs to ensure they never, ever again take a chance with their own money and create wealth, employment and overall wellbeing for everybody! No… that's not either… hold on…let's keep trying. We must forcefully re-distribute wealth to everybody so that we may finally live in a worker's paradise so well embodied and exemplified by the USSR… No… that won't do either… Nevermind…We are sure that eventually (after a few million tries) we will get it right and back-up your point of view.

Hopelessly backward and inefficient courts have failed. Judges have too often acquiesced to the arguments of the rich, whose lawyers—and not just Mossack Fonseca—are well trained in honouring the letter of the law, while simultaneously doing everything in their power to desecrate its spirit.

Yeah… because equality under the law can only be achieved if judges and courts disregard the letter of the law and abide by its spirit. Got it. One question though… who will tell judges and courts what that spirit happens to be? You? And when exactly can we expect this marvelous injection of wise advice? In your next manifesto? Because, let us tell you; you are not exactly brainier in this area, as you can plainly see.

Look, you mosquito brain (no insult intended to mosquitoes), lawyers are paid to present the cases of their clients under the most favourable light under the law. That's what they are paid for and they do so for poor and rich alike. If the politicians who operate in "democratic" systems create flawed laws and ridiculous regulations to begin with, it's not lawyers' fault. Besides, we are somewhat puzzled as we attempted to find the legal definition of "desecrating a spirit of a law" and couldn't find it. Would you care enlighten us? No? Thought so.

The media has failed. Many news networks are cartoonish parodies of their former selves, individual billionaires appear to have taken up newspaper ownership as a hobby, limiting coverage of serious matters concerning the wealthy, and serious investigative journalists lack funding.

Right… right… because all those bastards mainstream media billionaires owners who control the Internet with their billions of independent voices…no…no… wait a second… because all those mainstream media who influence the entirety of the blogosphere in the internet are such… no…no… wait… wait… we almost got it… because "serious" journalists need tons of money to bribe people into breaking the law and release information that they have no right to… no…hold on…because investigative journalists must be present at all times throughout the world to meet face-to-face as this is the only way in which the "truth" may come up, as Wikipedia does…oh… hold on a second…we give up. Why is that "serious investigative" journalists need money? And why exactly is that mainstream media keeps controlling the flow of information when there is a mountain of statistics showing just the opposite? Nevermind… it is obvious that in your delusional parallel universe those things do happen… except… that they don't happen in our universe!

The impact is real: in addition to Süddeutsche Zeitung and ICIJ, and despite explicit claims to the contrary, several major media outlets did have editors review documents from the Panama Papers. They chose not to cover them. The sad truth is that among the most prominent and capable media organizations in the world there was not a single one interested in reporting on the story. Even Wikileaks didn’t answer its tip line repeatedly.

Right…right…Because your papers were sooooo important that you could not release them anonymously. Of course. You absolutely, positively, definitively had to go through cartoonish parodies of news networks. Of course. You could not torrent them. Nope. You could not upload them anonymously to several sites. Nope. You could not distribute them through P2P. Nope. Not even within anonymous networks such as Tor or I2P. Nope. You absolutely, positively, definitively had to find an outlet that would stroke your ego and tell you how wonderful of a job you have done. Of course! Silly us. Charity and truth must be rewarded. Of course.

And as to your claim that several major media outlets did have editors review your documents and rejected them… well… what can we say? Oh, yeah, we can say this: where is your proof? No proof, right? Of course. And what did you show them? A sample or the complete package? Because, you know, serious, mainstream media editors typically do not deal with self-egotistical deranged lunatics such as yourself. Nope. They prefer to deal with sane people… we don't know why but considering that they are trying hard to remain objective and in business (and not get sued in the process) something tells us that rejecting lunatics is a good thing.

And lastly as to Wikileaks, well, this may come as a surprise to you but they don't have a tip line! We are not sure what were you trying to contact through the "tip line" but most definitively it wasn't Wikileaks (were you ordering a pizza by any chance?). And what do you think? That Wikileaks is a massive organization that can afford to have people "standing-by" 24/7 just to listen to your ramblings? Get real! Besides, Wikileaks have several means of submitting information to them from electronic to physical posts. Why didn't you send them this info? We will tell you why; because again your inflated ego needed a pat on your back. That's why. So much for your ethics and morality.

But most of all, the legal profession has failed. Democratic governance depends upon responsible individuals throughout the entire system who understand and uphold the law, not who understand and exploit it. On average, lawyers have become so deeply corrupt that it is imperative for major changes in the profession to take place, far beyond the meek proposals already on the table.

And here we go again. Of course. Lawyers must, at all times, take the side of the law and make sure their customers or defendants get properly punished. Oh…no…wait. Lawyers must, at all times, side with the government against their clients and defendants. No… no… wait… wait… we almost go it… how about… lawyers must at all times uphold the law because the law is always perfect and understandable and those who execute it are blameless, impartial, perfect people at all times, right? Oh… crap… not either. Let's see… lawyers must at all times take the government's side for the "greater good" against all those who oppose them such as in China and the USSR…nope.. there is still something wrong with this…Oh, yes, we got it! Because people are guilty until proven guilty?  Hummm… sorry… but it is obvious that your point of view is too sophisticated for us. Would you care to enlighten us? Oh… that's right… you are in hiding… of course!

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