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Let's Blame Somebody

This Sunday Brazilian people were out en-masse complaining about the president Rousseff. They want her out. This is the second massive protest staged to demand the president to be impeached. If you read Portuguese, you can read the entire affair from the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo in its article "Protesto contra governo Dilma reune 100 mil na Paulista, diz Datafolha".

This is quite a funny spectacle not because massive amounts of people are demanding the removal of a communist president, but because massive amounts of people are so hopelessly and ridiculously deluded.

Let's begin by saying that these people put Lula (the predecessor) and now Rousseff in power. Not the USA. Not the USSR. Not the EU. They. So, if they want to look for a guilty party, all they have to do is to get a mirror.

Secondly, when they voted Lula onto power they were all for "social justice" and "equality". Well… they got it! Aplenty!

What are they bitching about now?

One of the deluded demonstrators commented "She [Rousseff] must be impeached because she and the Workers' Party are responsible for all that is wrong with Brazil -- corruption, inflation and unemployment on the rise, terrible public services like health and education,"

Let's analyze this.


Corruption is widespread in any communist system because despite what communist say, entrepreneurship is alive and well. Every single communist is looking at getting as much wealth as possible. Of course, the excuse is the state contracts given out to "friends" by Petrobras, the massive Brazilian oil company. But this is just smoke and mirrors. Protesters are bitching about 800 million USD. A mere pittance when compared to their debt which is of "only" 9 trillion USD.


Well… zippidy-do. Geee…. They elect a communist party which will spend, spend, spend and then spend some more and when they can't tax any more they begin to borrow and when they can't borrow any longer they being to print. Again, this is nothing but the standard unholy trinity: Tax, Borrow and Print. How much stupider can Brazilian voters get? What did they expect? To have a government spending like communists to provide everything under the sun but at the same time allow for free markets with no controls whatsoever? Seriously. Do Brazilian voters get lessons on applied stupidity? We would really like to know.


Yeah… Let's see. The communist party spends, spends and spends thus "activating" and "stimulating" the economy. However, once the money is spent the economy takes a dive. This is only natural. What did Brazilian voters expect? A communist miracle of permanent, perpetual and full employment? Just like in the USSR? Seriously. The degree of stupidity is indescribable. Totally of the charts.

Terrible health services.

Again. Lula went from almost no socialized medicine to universal basic health care. Again, how sustainable did people believed that this would be? Where did Brazilian voters believe the money to support all this would come from? The communist wealth fairy? Just like in the USSR? Because we know how well that worked out.

Terrible education.

Ah… yes. More socialized so-called "services". Didn't the Brazilian voters want "equality". Well, they have achieved. Everybody in Brazil is in the same sewer. They are all equally sunk. And this is not anything new. We knew that neither communism nor socialism works. We knew this for at least 60+ years. Yet, it would seem that Brazilian voters never got the message.


We are not blaming Brazilians. We just wanted to rant a little bit because it is so much fun to watch deluded people being stuck in an endless loop produced by the very "teachings" of the people that created that loop. People in Brazil were taught that "social equality" is independent from markets. That wealth is created from nowhere by Central Banks. That taxing the rich makes sense. That governments are there to impose rules, regulations and dictums to "help" people but this will have no effect on the general standards of living. Knowing all this, it was absolutely unavoidable that Brazilian people would react in this manner. The implied contract with their communist government has been broken. But the lesson that they are still far, far from learning is that this was unavoidable. It is not this president or that president to be blamed. It is not this party or that party to be blamed. The root cause of the problem is that all political parties behave in a socialist/communist manner, regardless of who is in power. It is pointless to elect somebody new because this person will do exactly the same time and time again. Brazilian people are still in their "socialist" phase of their political evolution and it is abundantly clear that they are not nearly close to evolving passed it.

But, of course, Brazilian voters are not listening to us. They are out in force blaming the government. Soon they will elect somebody else how will have similar socialist policies but they will be expecting a different result. Madness. But it is their right. Nobody said that evolution was painless.

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