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Falling Off The Political MapThis is a famous phrase taken from the modern opera Evita. We liked it so much that we decided to use it as a header for today's article. Lately we have received a tsunami of correspondence from a faithful horde of readers (actually one), explaining in no uncertain terms that we are a bunch of right-wing lunatics who insist in looking at the world through the eyes of the Nazi party…when we decide to be reasonable. At all other times, we are so far to the right that we are falling off the political map. And to be fair, it would indeed seem so. There is scarcely any article in this site blasting the political right. But, as we said before in our Famous Quotes, Things are not what they seem. F&P


Let's start from the beginning and let's clarify a few issues. We are Libertarians and big fans of Austrian Economics, which is to say that we are all for freedom. And we mean real freedom, not the synthetic, artificially sweetened, thoroughly limited, thoroughly managed, pre-packaged, pre-digested and ready-to-consume so-called freedom that we experience today.

This belief of ours is equally intolerant with the political left, the right or the centre for as long as any political theory that does not rest on individual freedom exists, we are all slaves. We are for the political theory of one: you. And us. And everybody else with their own, private, political views. We are neither to the left nor to the right because we embrace all political theories simultaneously or none, depending how you define us. As long as your political views do not interact with our property without our previous and voluntary agreement, please feel free to act (politically or otherwise) anyway you like.

One of the few places where this point of view can clearly be seen (literally) is in our article Austrian Economics In Pictures. In it we blast every political view with equality of disdain. Let never be said that we are not for equality (just not the socio-economic one)!


Then, how is it possible that if are against all current political theories that this site is so bias against the left? Simple. The entire world is leftist if we consider any reasonable index of political mapping (see for example our ESSI, ESSII, GFSS and ISI socialist scales). This is so even in countries that have dictators of all shapes or forms on top (e.g. religious, military, pseudo-democratic and so on). The strange thing is that even in countries that declare (indirectly) to be extremely right-wing (and there aren't that many of them), their economic politics are still very much socialist!

The truth is that the entire world is socialist, not that we are biased. Show us a true right-wing country implementing true right-wing economic policies and we will be more than happy to blast them (figuratively speaking). In this day and age, it is the socialistic rot that is destroying our lives through socialist economic policies and as such we must oppose it. Should tomorrow (by some strange occurrence) the world would to turn right-wing; we will be right here throwing them the very same darts that we use today against socialism.


Because of this natural world-bias, we end up looking like crazy people. We are thrown into a position where we must state that we are right and the world is not! And if this does not sound like the classic statement for a clear candidate for a straitjacket and Thorazine (a heavy sedation drug), we don't know what it may be. The only problem is that we are not. Crazy, that is.

And no, we are not trying to spin, or doctor, or twist, or manipulate or anything the reality. We are not in the reality (show) business. For that you have newspapers and news broadcasts and politicians and their Public Relations consultants of all kinds.

We are trying to bring in a modicum of fresh air into the pestilence, but we are not perfect and you do have our written assurances that we will be mistaken; hopefully not too often. Along with this statement you also have our guarantee (in tiny letters at the bottom of the contract) that if we are mistaken, we will ourselves say so; openly, directly and will stand tall but corrected. We have no ego (well, a little one perhaps) because we have trained ourselves to suppress our ego. The evolution of humanity depends on this. We are not kidding, there is too much at stake; your life, your liberty and your wellbeing. If there is worthiest fight out there we are not aware of it.

Join us, or not. Your choice. But let it never be said that we did not warn you.

PS.: there is world of difference between the political theories of the right, centre and left. There is also a world of difference between the economic theories of the right, centre and left. The only problem being all politicians (left, centre or right) are all "pragmatics" and as such they will adopt the more convenient economic policy (left, centre or right) that will keep them in power. Regardless of their political views (for example, did you know that Hitler's economic policies were ultra-left?). To this extent, in the near future we will post a short set of articles highlighting these differences; hopefully to help you understand what's really going on.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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