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USA The Great SatanMany jihadists and Muslim leaders have called US the great Satan. They assumed the meaning of Satan to be the proper name of the supreme evil spirit in Christianity and thus by extension in Islamism. Yet, the etymology (i.e. origin) of the word provides us with different definitions depending which language we look at e.g. Latin, Greek, Hebrew or others. They are:

"adversary, one who plots against another"

"to show enmity to, oppose, plot against"

"one who opposes, obstructs, or acts as an adversary"

"one who throws something across the path of another"

"a plotter"

"an adversarial role"

In this more accurate sense, USA truly is "the great Satan" because it acts as the most powerful adversary for foreigners and citizens alike. We would like to pause here for a second and reflect on what we just said:

"It acts as the most powerful adversary for foreigners and citizens alike"

In this sense we can attribute a great deal of troubles the world around to what the USA is doing, because we, the people, with complete disregard for colour, beliefs, locations, shapes, forms or religion are its enemies. We, the people, have the most powerful enemy the human race has ever seen.

Although it is true that the USA has been less of a destructive enemy in the classical sense (wars and such) than other "aggressive" countries or leaders, its restraint to expand its influence has been non-existent. For USA the expansion of its influence is simply the pursuit of war by other means. If we remember that the objective of war is to subdue the enemy and not to destroy it, USA has done incredibly well for itself. The statistics of its success include:

  • The biggest military budget in the history of humanity barring none.
  • The biggest military presence in the world, about 130 nations.
  • The biggest number of foreign bases around the world, about 900.
  • The biggest financial controlling influence in the world which includes the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
  • The biggest propaganda machine the world has ever seen, barring none.
  • The largest global mass surveillance system in the history of humanity.
  • The largest cultural influence in the world since Latin became the common language of use in antiquity.

And many others.

All these "accomplishments" are not enough. They are never enough. In military terms the goal would be called "total domination". We know that things are really bad (not just bad) when the widespread policies of a massively influencing country are based on military doctrine. We know that things are reaching a boiling point when we, the people, are being controlled in the military sense. We know that things are only going to get worse when we, the people, become military targets.

Thus, the conclusion is obvious. The US is a country of people-hating power-drunk messianic leaders and they need to be destroyed.

Well… not exactly.

This is the very same mistake that most people make. They look at a situation, determine a target and fire away. The correct analysis is a military one.

  • First, determine your enemy.
  • Second, determine your final (i.e. strategic) objective.
  • Third, determine your intermediate objectives (i.e. tactical).
  • Fourth, prepare plans for strategic as well as tactical execution.
  • Fifth, execute, execute, execute!

If we run our analysis through the current situation we will find that, strange as it may seem, the US is not the enemy. Political stagnation is. Destroying the US won't advance our strategic goals a bit because the US will simply be replaced by the next tyranny in line. This may be China or Russia or some other country.

Our strategic goal is to bring about Libertarian systems, not to replace US-made controls with China or Russia-made controls. Because you should not deceive yourself. Every country in the planet would attempt total domination if given the means. If US is defeated and China is defeated and Russia is defeated, the next in line will surge. Who may this country be is irrelevant, but a few spring to mind: Turkey, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, and so on.

The only way to advance our strategic goal is to ensure political evolution happens as soon as possible. In order to achieve this, we need to behave tactically. Using conventional weapons will not only take too long and lead to a useless revolution, but it will kill a good percentage of the world population. Somewhat in this scenario does not seem to be fully agreeable with your views…

No sir! Our tactical strategies must behave in the manner in which countries, all of them, are powerless to act. Our tactical weapons must strike where it matters, in the mind of the people. Our tactical advantage must be to unveil the failure that democracy has become.

Yes, the USA is the (current) great Satan but only because the next one and the next one and the next one are already lined up. Anybody believing otherwise is delusional. The solution is not to change slave masters but make them obsolete. This is not only possible but achievable because in ultimate analysis such powers are only powerful to the point at which we give them our silent obedience and consent. In ultimate analysis to obey or disregard them is a personal choice, a battle that must be won one person at the time; one personal political evolution at the time.

Status quo is not your friend; political inactivism is. Disregard, ignore, neglect, brush-off, disentangle, omit, overlook and unconcern yourself with the games politicians play. This is the only way. The way of the true freedom seeker. You must place your trust in the only person you know you can trust: yourself. In so doing you will regain your personal freedom and independence.

It is your choice now. Nobody can make it but you. You are in charge. You are the boss. But then again, you don't have to be. If you enjoy being plugged-in to the mighty grinding machine governments are, then do nothing and continue obeying. Just one thing, know that the purpose of such machine is to make sausages, not giving you a life worth living.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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