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Underworld CorollaryOver the last couple of weeks we have tortured you relentlessly with six merciless critiques of documentaries which are supposed to be "revealing" and "shocking"; an expose of sorts. Well, after a careful examination of all the evidence we can now conclude what we told you in the beginning we will be concluding with. Yes indeed. We are using the tried-tested-and-true scientific methodology to write a paper:

Step #1: tell them what you are going to tell them

Step #2: tell them

Step #3: tell them what you just told them

And now for something completely different (as the Monty Pythons would say).


Ah yes. That why. It's quite simple. The world has been thoroughly brainwashed by socialistic bunk. Most of our TV shows and "enlightened" commentators, speculators, hosts and otherwise invited guests do only what is "safe" to do and that means following the acceptable and politically correct script. This magic script which ensures further invitations to the show goes more or less like this:

Step #1: ask what you need to say

Step #2: say it

Step #3: ask if you said it correctly

Repeat ad-nauseum.

On the other hand

But there is another way. The way of courage, the way of love for the motherland, the way of true comradeship… oh sorry, wrong movie.

But there is another way… which is way simple. Toss all the notions you have rattling in your head and start from scratch. There is no reason why the only way is the current way. There are literally infinite ways of doing the same things and they are all different and they are all different. Did we mention that they are all different? OK. Good.


And then we have Libertarianism (which is a mouthful and does no good for our PR). And what is this stuff? Simple. Libertarianism represents the infinite different ways to do things. It represents the theory of whatever works for you. It represents the ultimate flexibility to do things. It describes a way to describe what you want to describe just because you want to describe it. And this is precisely what we attempted to do in our little critique/diatribe. We did nothing more (or less) than show you our point of view. But our point of view is not your point of view. It could be, or it could be not. But it is most certainly different than anything else. We are not trying to convince you of it, we are trying to get you to convince yourself that the current system is not the only system and that whatever lies beyond this one can be re-invented as any person may see fit.

What we showed you is that the concepts of "good" and "evil" are all twisted and forced into unusual shapes by people with vested interests which are not yours. What we showed you is that Libertarianism (as we understand it) is better but that it does not have to be this way, it can be in any other way. What we showed you is that Libertarianism works by letting the free market solve the problems that governments and reality create. Libertarianism is a relentless problem solving machine driven by self-interest. Libertarianism represents the release of the creative force of 7.2 billion humans as opposed to a few thousands in government backrooms. Libertarianism is not here to solve the problems for your but to tell you to roll up your sleeve and solve them by yourself. And we believe that we provided plenty of examples that this is possible, for what good is a political/economic theory if it cannot solve real life problems?

But Libertarianism is different. All other political/economic theories are based on a theory and then they attempt to mould the world to fit said theory. Libertarianism on the other hand takes reality and runs with it. You may have noticed that all the solutions proposed in our commentaries are not really our solutions but the solutions that other people created. Solutions that already exist. Basically, we tricked you in making you believe that they were our solutions when in reality they were somebody else's solutions. In reality all we did was to frame their solutions within a Libertarian point of view. Solutions that exist today. They are not a figment of the imagination of some political hack but facts that exist and work successfully in the real world. Today.

Let's emphasize this. The proposed solutions are solutions already implemented and working in the real world. They are here and they are solving problems. Today. What we are saying is that we want more of the same. Much, much more.

And what are they saying? They are saying that they want more of the same, more "law and order". The very same tested-tried-and-failed solutions that got us into this mess in the first place. They want more, much, much more failure.

The choice is clear. We can have more of a failed system or we can embrace actual solutions however opposed they may be to current thinking. The choice is obvious.


We decided to critique these "documentaries" because they present the "classic" point of view but more importantly because they deal in very difficult problems. Any political/economic theory can solve simple or trivial problems. But the real test is whether or not it can solve the most intractable ones. We believe Libertarianism did and did so because we cheated. We simply pointed at existing solutions and re-labeled them. We freed existing solutions that the free market already provided from the shackles of the current democratic system.


People ask us why we believe in Libertarianism. It's simple. We believe in Libertarianism because we believe in the capacity of people to solve problems. But more importantly, we believe in the capacity of people to let other people not to solve their problems. We believe in the capacity of people to let go.

The term society is meaningless. We are people, one at the time. Therefore imposing societal rules on people is simply a mistake. This democratic system is trying to do just that. To impose generic rules on us, rules whose theoretical objective is to improve the wellbeing of an entity that does not exist by forcing all its members to behave in a certain manner. It will never work. It can't work simply because we are all different.

Libertarianism simply provides a set of minimum rules to ensure we won't kill each other off. Whatever else you may choose to do or not to do, it is entirely up to you. But Libertarianism offers more. Libertarianism does not claim to have the universal rules for coexistence neatly typed in the universal manual for human progress. Libertarianism is unique because it says, from the very onset, go out and try something else. The notion of entrepreneurship stems from free markets which in turn stem from Libertarianism. But this is a two way road. Entrepreneurship modifies Libertarianism by modifying the rules of the free market. This is unique because no other political system accepts that their most basic tenets be modified either from the inside or the outside. Libertarianism is not afraid to experiment. As a matter of fact, experimentation is at the very core of Libertarianism.


Anybody can be a critic. That's easy. We are also critics of the current system but we are much more. We are solution providers. We don't wine and moan and point fingers… well… we do that but that's not all that we do. We tell you how to solve the problems that we are criticizing. And our solutions are reality-based because we stole them from reality. We don't have to imagine them working because we know that they are working today. We don't have to force them on other people because people are adopting them today. We don't have to take leaps of faith because we have seen free markets in action. Even the problems for which we have no solutions today can most likely be solved by the free markets because the free markets represent humanity. And it is very unlikely that the whole of humanity will be unable to solve them. It may happen but why risk it. The whole of humanity is the best than humanity can ever hope to do. Why relegate the solution of these problems only to a few elite people? That would be insane yet, this is exactly what is happening today.


This corollary is about the reasons why we chose to criticize the documentaries but in reality it is just an excuse to show you Libertarianism in action. In real action. Solving real problems in the real world. All that's required is an open mind willing to explore other ways of doing things and willing to concede that we are locked-in into our current system because the locks in our minds and only in our minds. As such it is entirely up to us to free ourselves.

But we also recognize that there are other people out there. People who have not yet evolved beyond the current system. People who are stuck in this evolutionary phase. There is nothing we can do for them and we suggest you do nothing too. Evolution cannot be forced or guided, it can however be accelerated. Slightly. Work on your own evolution and evolution will show you the path.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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