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Government LyingA few days back we were scouting news for and article when we came across a number of events that were not linked amongst themselves and had no particular relevance or importance over any other event from previous days. In other words, the news world-wide were about the same; then why write about them? Because they all have something in common: government action; and this is worth highlighting.

Guatemalan ex-president Alfonso Portillo gets 5 years in jail in… US! That’s right, a foreign national, ex-president no less, has been sentenced to jail in a different country. The US was granted extradition from Guatemala by the “democratic” government du-jour. What did this ex-president do? Some money laundering; a mere pittance of about 2.5 million USD.

Now stop and consider the following. Over the years the US has systematically rejected, blocked and dismissed any and all attempts by any court anywhere in the world (particularly the International Criminal Court) to judge high level US government officials, particularly the military. This is even truer when it comes to ex-US presidents. The US went so far as to pass a law that does just that; the American Service Members Protection Act (ASPA). The day we see ex-president Bush (I or II) being shackled and dragged into prison for murder, is the day we will applaud a government. So… do as I say, not as I do? Correct!

China sentenced billionaire mining tycoon to death. Liu Han and his brother Liu We, the owners of the company Hanlong were sentenced for “leading a mafia-style criminal gang”.

Now stop and consider the following. Mr Han had top notch access to Chinese politicians and was an insider in Chinese politics. Mr Han was a powerful man in the same manner as many other powerful man in China wield power: through organized violence supported (through bribes) by the government. Despite the very much publicized anti-graft initiative from the Chinese president Xi Jinping, no systematic attempt is underway to do so. All cases that have been publicized were just that; exercises in public relations. In summary, the government decided to get rid of few “inconvenient” characters that stepped over too many toes and made too many political enemies. This is yet another example of a government “leading a mafia-style criminal gang”. and wiping-out their own people for the benefit of their own members. So… do as I say, not as I do? Correct!

Thailand’s army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha appointed himself acting prime minister in a bloodless coup in order to “to restore stability and normality and stop violence”.

Now stop and consider this. The so-called violence is simply due to people in the south trying to separate from the north. This is, people trying to exercise their rights to self-determination. But now that the general du-jour has taken power, they have media censorship, the suspension of the 2007 constitution, bans on gatherings, a 10PM to 5 AM curfew and mass detention of political leaders and other people. Apparently and according to the general, these activities seem to be the very definition of restoring “stability and normality and stop violence”. Got it. So… do as I say, not as I do? Correct!

Member of the Australian Parliament Chris Davis resigned because the “accumulation of controversial legislation had weighed heavily on his conscience”.

Now stop and consider this. Mr Davis was part of the government. He worked hard to get this government elected, yet this government acted against the majority wishes of his electorate. He doubts very much that this government or indeed himself would have been elected should this political agenda had been part of the electoral process. Unbelievable! A political party that outright lied to get elected… because this never happens in real life… right. As it turns out, this party was so proficient at lying that they even lied to their very own members! That’s political efficiency if we ever saw one. So… do as I say, not as I do? Correct!

There is violence in Ukraine due to the actions of several separatist pro-Russian groups. This is happening just before a critical election for president. The Kremlin let people know that they will not recognize the outcome of these elections should they be held in a “climate of violence ad unrest”.

Now stop and consider this. As we have mentioned before, Putin’s plan to re-annex Ukraine is underway. He created all this violence and unrest to make sure Ukraine becomes unstable hence offering the “solution” of returning them to the “loving” arms of mother Russia. And now, he is saying that whatever the outcome of these elections may be, it won’t be recognized by Russia. In other words, what is happening if full speed ahead with the master plan. In yet another words, don’t you dare having “violence and unrest” unless I sponsor them. So… do as I say, not as I do? Correct!

An Australian activist temporarily wiped hundreds of millions off mining company Whitehaven's share value by creating fake press releases. He was sentenced to a large fine or 10 years in prison. Justice at work.

Now stop and consider this. All “intelligence services” anywhere in the world have gigantic resources devoted at spreading “disinformation” for purposes of their own or their political masters. The economic damage caused by these news can never be accurately estimated, but is in the order of trillions of USD. So… do as I say, not as I do? Correct!


We could keep going, but by now we think that you are getting the gist of it. This is an exercise in reading the news between the lines. This is an exercise of looking at governments for what they really are: a bunch of cheaters and liars up to no good. This could not be otherwise because they are guided by their very own Government Morality.

What your own morality or ethics may tell you is your business and yours alone. We are not here to interfere, just to provide an alternative point of view.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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