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All Hail To The Russian StateWe mentioned some time ago that Immigration Policies Are The Ultimate Monopoly because they restrict the movement of people. Now, there is a new twist in the story. The glorious Motherland (i.e. Russia) is about to decree that all Russian citizens with dual nationality must register their second citizenship with the friendly people from the FMS (Федеральная миграционная служба) or Federal Migration Service which has close ties with the all–pervasive FSB (Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации) or Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (previously known as KGB – yes, that one).

According to an article posted by the newspaper Kommersant, after a review by the Supreme Court (read rubber stamp – hey! don't laugh, even supreme court judges need to justify their existence) the new bill will be sent to the Duma (i.e. parliament) where after due consideration (probably about 5 seconds flat) it will be approved. This new wonderful law will require the registration of all Russian citizens with a secondary citizenship under criminal penalty. That's right. You will pay a heavy fine or do 400 hours of "correctional labour" (i.e. forced labour) if you are Russian and fail to declare your second citizenship.

Of course, this has to be done for the safety of all "good" Russians because brave politicians (read czar Putin the First) needs to:

  • know who "renounced allegiance to" the fatherland
  • penalize those holding dual citizenship while in civil service
  • "help" to choose the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol
  • "know who lives in Russia and is doing"
  • force into the open "those whose dual loyalty is likely to harm"
  • know who can be a "potential fifth column"

Does any of the above excuses sound reasonable? Even more considering that the all–knowing, all–pervasive KGB (sorry… we mean FSB) has powers well above and beyond what normal police has? Russia is a de–facto police state with the FSB holding the cattle prod and Putin at the helm. Do you honestly believe that Russia actually needs to know this information (which they in all likelihood already know) for would–be national security reasons?

Why is that the Russian's government (aka Putin the First) needs to know "who lives in Russia and is doing?"

Think about it. Let's say that you are a Russian, born in Russia, lived in Russia all your life, have your family in Russia, work in Russia and love Russia. Well… though luck! After the law comes into effect you are a de-facto immigrant!

This new law is nothing more that the slow creep back to full autocratic power in the old USSR style. It is nothing more than a power grab on Russian citizens. Control, control, control and then control some more.

Think about it! Criminalizing people for not declaring their culture! It is beyond ridiculous, it is despicable!

At this point we need to remind you that passports were originally created as optional documents issued by countries to identify their citizens in other countries and thus facilitate their travels. How far have we come!

Passports are now tools of oppression. And why not?

Governments corrupt, twist, bend and de–nature everything they touch. There is always a hidden agenda behind everything they do.

You asked us how does freedom dies? One law at the time.

The saddest part is that the average Russian citizen will agree with Putin. This law will be approved all in the name of the people who have not yet evolved past the stage of nationalistic autocracy.

At least this law is in line with US–lead ACTA (Anti–Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) which will impose criminal punishments by extra–territorial and extra–juridical so–called courts for crimes as vile as copying an mp3 song.

Yes, the world does co–operate for a new world order… just not yours.

Yet another tidbit of information in your belt. Think about it… or not.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.


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