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No, we are not talking about organized crime. We are talking about politicians. Today the absolute ruler of Russia, czar Vladimir Putin, submitted a bill to the Duma containing a series of measures to combat terrorism. According the Russian newspaper Pravda in its article “Relatives of terrorists will pay for compensation”, close friends and relatives of terrorists will have their properties verified for legal origin and if failed, seized.

This is not the first government to impose such laws. The US has something similar in its “Executive Order 13224” and the Title 31, Part 595, 586 and 597 of the US Code of Federal Regulations. Many other countries have similar laws. The message is clear: Thieves of the world, unite!

The new proposed Russian legislation also criminalizes training in order to carry out terrorist activities, imposing 10 to 15 years imprisonment and a 1 million fine for terrorist organizations.

On the surface it would seem like any other anti-terrorist law available in any other banana republic. And it is. This law, just like any other laws, makes no sense whatsoever and it is another bold step into the abyss of total control and slavery. What else is new.

Why are we being so harsh? In most powerful countries, the power exercised from the government is unlimited. Whatever the government wants, the government gets. Laws are irrelevant. However, in Russia, this goes far, far further. The real origin of such a power needs to be traced back to the origin of the secret Czar’s Police, past the FSB, KGB, Cheka, Okhrana, The Third Department, Oprichina,and into the dark pages of mediaeval history. It is a proud tradition that all absolutist monarch of Russia hold dear and close to their hearths. Putin, the ex KGB Lieutenant Colonel, is no exception.

In other words, since about thousand years or so Russian dictators have been exercising their whim at will through paramilitary organizations answering to them and only them without any problems. Then, why the sudden need for a law that will legalize such procedures?

The question answers itself. It legalizes such procedures. In other words, it looks better if people are dragged into a kangaroo court staffed with puppets called judges than kidnapped in the middle of the night and extorted at point blank to sign over their properties to the state.

In the end, it makes no difference. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The key element to the new law is the wording “training in order to carry out terrorist activities”. When this is retrospective it would seem to fall within the constraints of normal law. Alex trained terrorists. Terrorists blow up a building. Police arrests Alex for training terrorists and Alex is jailed. So far nothing unusual.

Now consider this scenario.

Alex trains people in self-defense.  People commit an act of terrorism. Police arrests Alex for training terrorists and Alex is jailed. This does not smell good.

Or how about this scenario.

Alex trains people in self-defense. Government says Alex is training terrorist, therefore Alex is training terrorists. Police arrests Alex for training terrorists and Alex is jailed. Reeking yet?

The problem with all such laws is that they are based on whatever the government say that the definition of “training” or “terrorism” or “acts of terrorism” or “planned” may be. There is no objective way to determine anything and the government always has the upper hand.

The government may punish you for what you may do, not for what you actually did. Thought police. And this is the best case scenario, assuming the government has not fabricated the whole thing.

But it gets better. The government is now punishing people, for what they may do in the future. This is, of course, possible because the government knows in advance what you will do. They have this infallible time machine and even when this machine is broken it does not really matter. The government is always right and if they say that you were up to something, you were. No discussion.

This is nothing but the legal face of the machinery that has always been running in the background. The machine to crush opposition. This is nothing new.

When governments are no longer ashamed of such laws, when people simply accept such laws without hesitation, this is a clear indication of tyrannical times ahead. We are sinking into the darkness of dictatorship where power is absolute and has no restraints. It is not just Russia (this is only the latest example), but US and Japan, Germany and France, UK and Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia. Most countries are doing it. There are no complaints. The last one out of freedom, please turn off the light.

The Absolute Austro-Libertarian system, on the contrary, is a beacon of clarity and fairness. It is quite simple. You are only in debt for the acts you actually committed against other people’s property. Nothing more. Beyond that, you are free to do and think as you please.

Now you know of the dark path ahead. It’s your choice.

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