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Allah SlaveryEvery friggin time we think we are done with ISIS or ISIL or whatever they call themselves this weekend, we are forced to turn around an publish an article. Over the last few days a document has been widely circulated on the Internet (yes, with capital "I" as a sign of respect). The document carries the unappealing title of "ISIL COMMITTEE OF RESEARCH AND FATWAS - FATWAS No. 61, 62, and 64-68" and you can see a copy attached at the bottom of this article.

The document is highly unusual because it deals with the thorny (for us) issue about how to deal "properly" with your female sex slave. No. We are not making this stuff up. Read the document yourself.

Allegedly, the document was "liberated" by a daring "special forces" operation which "obtained" a great deal of "intel" about ISIL. Emphasis on allegedly. The problem with the document is that there is no way to confirm its authenticity. It may actually be an ISIS document or it may be a clever "Psy Op" from the government you know so well and that would use any weapon at its disposal to "neutralize" the "opposition", even if "neutralization" means blowing it to pieces with a UAV.

So the chances of this being genuine are 50/50 at best. However, there are other sources, independent sources, credible sources that have described a budding slave trade and ownership going on in places "liberated" by ISIS. So, we may not know if the rules described in the fatwa are legit or not, but the "sex slavery" issue seems very real indeed.

Now, let's analyze what this means from a Libertarian perspective. In general Libertarian terms, forced slavery is almost unanimously rejected. Voluntary slavery, on the other hand, is left open to voluntary contractual conditions among parties. And then we have the issue of labour, which could be taken as means of payments for debts or other goods or services. We have explained our -personal- point of view at length in our article The Issue Of Slavery.

That is that. Now that we have it out of our system, we would like to progress into a parallel subject. The issue of a country, a "Caliphate" which clearly embraces forced slavery, particularly forced sexual slavery. Many people may feel shocked by such a turn of events, but this should not be the case. The acceptance and legalization of forced sexual slavery is no different than the acceptance and legalization of forced taxation or forced building permits or forced manufacturing standards or forced anything. The principle is the same. We, the people, have rights. Governments have privileges. They cannot enforce anything on us because their privileges come from our rights. Our rights are inalienable (i.e. they cannot be destroyed, given away or cancelled), while their privileges can be destroyed, given away or cancelled at our whim. Just because sex is something thorny between western human beings, this does not mean that it is special, in terms of rights.

A government simply decreeing that forced sex slavery is OK is just like any other government decreeing that any other rights-ignoring activity is OK. It is not. Not by a long shot. Not now. Not ever. The only way we can cancel our rights is by dying… which defeats the purpose of actually having a sex slave.

What is shocking from our perspective is not that people are shocked by the revelation of organized sex slavery but by the fact that they do not understand what is going on and why this issue is identical, (yes, identical) to any other law or regulation that any other government issues. Yes. Any other government. Your government. Our government. Their government. They are all exactly the same.

And lastly, we don't really care in whose name or in what name they claim authority to do whatever they want to do; it is all bogus. Civility, civilization, religion, politics, you name it, it is all BS because Social Contracts Are A Scam.

But then again, if you enjoy taxation and licensing, you should -following the same train of thought- enjoy forced sex slavery. Say… how much for your daughter? She looks plump…

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

Download this file (ISIS_Sex_Slavery_Fatwa.pdf)ISIS_Sex_Slavery_Fatwa.pdf[ ]213 kB
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