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JIT Barrier


Just in time means that we will have to wait until the Free Market produces a solution to the problem and we don't like waiting. Furthermore, we do like certainty, certainty that a Free Market cannot deliver and only governments can. This much is true.


Yup… there is always a however.

There is a high price to be paid for this luxury of having the solution now.

To begin with, by planning so far into the future, oftentimes governments "solve" problems that never materialize!

And speaking of wasting your money…

Not only we have to put up with governments, but in paying the price for a product that they deliver (and to be fair), we should include the totality of government spending. This is the same as evaluating a so-called "ecological" solution when its "ecological" performance is measured as its Environmental Footprint. In the same manner and for all government products it is only fair to evaluate their performance in terms of their Economical Footprint because we pay for it through government borrowing, printing and taxing. And when we perform this analysis, the numbers are staggering… and not in a good way. Governments are the utter most wasteful organization there is.

And there is yet another reason.

For us to accept the solutions provided by the Free Market, we have to accept that we need to place our faith in the Free Market as the Free Market cannot deliver certainty. However and paradoxically, if we look at the "solutions" that governments have delivered "with certainty" and the solutions that Free Markets have delivered Just-In-Time, the latter beats the former almost every time. This is counterintuitive since every time we agree with a government plan, we get screwed. On the other hand, if we do nothing and hope and believe that the Free Market will find the solution when needed, we get satisfied!

How about that!?

Paper certainty (i.e. as in government plans) is so much more tangible than a foggy uncertain promise Free Markets make, that we fall for it every time. Yet, when was the last time that a Free Market failed to deliver a Just-In-Time solution?


You will be hard-pressed to find one example (and puleeeeeesss spare us the mumbo-jumbo about our current "free market" failing -- for the umpteenth time, what we have is a managed and controlled market!!!). True Free Market example then. Got it?

Now compare this with answer against the "solutions" delivered by governments. How many of them do we have? How many screw-ups? This is not hard to find out as all you have to do is to open a newspaper. Chances are excellent you will find out yet another government screw-up. Got it?



For all these reasons the Just-In-Time solution rules the Free Market but, because we are driven by the Time Preference, we are biased towards instantaneous satisfaction and certainty, even when they are ridiculously overpriced and bogus respectively.

It is for this reason that the Just-In-Time barrier to Libertarianism and Austrian Economics exists and the only way to pierce through it is through political evolution, evolution which is aided and abetted by educating and training people to:



And now for the bad news. We have still a looooooooong way to go. Brace yourself. It will get far, far worse before it improves. Meanwhile, do spread the ideals. It's free and you will feel much, much better. We can pretty much guarantee as much and you will have instantaneous satisfaction! There. The principle of Time Preference delivered to you courtesy of Libertarianism.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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