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Amazing Austrian EconomicsToday we are going to take a little trip through memory lane. Just because we can. And we are bored. And reality keeps sucking because politicians still exist. Let's begin.

Historic protests demand the resignation of the Brazilian president.

Brazil Yet Another Workers Paradise

Lets Blame The Brazilian President

Turkey launches airstrikes after blast in Ankara

ISIS-ISIL Yet again

The New US Strategy Against ISIL - Death By Laughter

Markets moving backwards despite ECB (European Central Bank) cutting rates and increasing QE (Quantitative Easing)

Down Down We Go

Quantitative Easing Pros And Cons

We Are Screwed Be Happy

And so on.

These are only a few samples of our forecasts that came true. For the rest you will have to read this site. What? Too lazy? Too bad!

You are missing some good stuff.

But returning to the topic at hand, do you know why we are able to forecast with relative accuracy events that seem to come out of the blue? Because they are not. All you have to do is to follow the money… government money that is… right into politician's pocket and the pockets of their "friends".

Look, this is not complicated.

What do you think it is going to happen if you max-out your credit cards, line of credit, mortgage loan, and loan shark "withdrawals"? Of course your are f*cked! There is no mystery here. Yet, somehow, people believe that countries can continue spending through the unholy trinity of tax, borrow and print, and that they can do this forever into the future.

Why should countries be any different? Ahhh…. Because they have Central Banks and the magical money printing machine, right?

Well… no.

Take a second look at the paragraph above. We said "money" not wealth. There is a difference. A big difference. For as long as the quantity of money remains constant, money does represent capital or wealth. The second governments begin to print coloured pieces of paper, money becomes… well… coloured pieces of paper and neither capital nor wealth.

And so yes, governments can print as much as they may want but the reality is that they are not creating wealth out of thin air. Thus, for as long as they are spending wealth, they can sustain anything, any mirage, as much ridiculous as it may seem, But once the wealth is gone, once they have spent their future into oblivion, then what?

Then reality bitch-slap people.

And people don't like to be bitch-slapped.

People don't react well to bitch-slapping.

And in general terms, bitch-slapped people tend to strike back.


Action. Reaction.

No, we are not magicians. We are only reading reality.

Like shooting politicians in a revolution.

But the real question is, of course, why aren't you doing it?

Why aren't you reading reality as it is?

Why do you continue to live in la-la land?

Nevermind… no need to answer. Your children will. They will have no choice.

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