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Disintegrating SingaporeTHE COMMENTARY - CONT'D

The PA and the NIC

Knowing that politicians want to increase the population and also knowing that economic conditions will "deteriorate" (i.e. go down the drain), what are two useless government organizations to do? Well, to step-up of course!

Yet another basic rule of all government bureaucracies states that;

A busy organization is a useful organization.

It is not what they do what matters; is that they do something; anything. And so they do.

Let's now analyze the proposed "solutions" to the undefined "problem" and our translation. These organizations will:

"…intensify local integration efforts at the neighborhood level through Residents’ Committees (RCs) and Neighborhood Committees (NCs)."

In other words, they will pass the problem down to other suckers who cannot get rid of them.

"…pilot Chit Chat…" and "…Learning Journey…" to be introduced to RC's and NC's

In other words, pass on useless and wasteful ideas (probably dreamt while in the toilet) to other organizations. If by some sort of miracle the ideas work, they will take the credit. If the ideas fail, they will blame the "other" organizations. No downside. Perfect!

"…multiply the outreach efforts through partnerships and … projects between" immigrant and grassroots organizations.

In other words, they will have plenty of committees and meetings where they will be the "coordinators". If this works (doubtful), they will again reap the glory. If this does not work, they will blame the "lack of cooperation" from the "other" organizations. Nicely played!

Incidentally, what the hell is the meaning of "multiply"??? Multiply by what??? 0.378 or 3.52??? What is the multiplication factor???

And what is the meaning of "outreach"??? By definitions and by job description they are supposed to be reaching out to people; that's what they are supposed to be doing. So, "outreach" simply means "reaching out" or talking to people. In other words, they will "multiply" what they were doing so far. But if they need to multiply what they were doing so far because of the "problems", this means that they were not solving any of them to begin with!

"…generate greater awareness of integration efforts…" which "will involve like-minded youths to be youth integration ambassadors."

Good one. Singaporeans live in a multi-ethnic society, but they need to be made aware of this. Of course! how stupid of us. All Singaporeans are blind to skin color, race, other languages and cultures! It's not like 1 out of 4 Singaporeans is different than the majority… oh… wait… they are.… never mind…

And of course! It is not the integration in itself that matters, but the fact that citizens (i.e. the idiots that pay taxes) are aware of our bureaucratic efforts. It is important that they know that we are doing something, however wasteful and useless it may be. That's what matters, our job not results.

We particularly like the "like-minded" kids. Wow! You know, the handpicked, the ones that are just like us, you know, the good people, the elite people, the master planners of the universe. We don't need no unlike-minded individuals which belong to them and don't understand that we are doing all of this for their own good.

Lastly, yeah, we need "ambassadors", yeah… If we would call them suckers or brainwashed drones we would not be able to attract too many of them… yeah… let's call them "ambassadors" and feed them pizza and coke (or pepsi). Yeah…let's get some really cheap people that will do our dirty work for free and come back for more… yeah…

"… train and appoint 150 youth… ambassadors…to share positive stories…within the community on new media platforms"

In other words, get 150 suckers to be thoroughly brainwashed in order to sell the "populous" the new useless "media platforms" that we are developing which will be expensive and amount to nothing. Got it.


The PA and the NIC again

In summary:

PA NIC desperately seeking work to avoid looking idiotic and losing jobs. STOP Prefer do nothing as usual. STOP Will redouble efforts doing nothing. STOP Will ensure massive media coverage by involving useless multilevel idiots. STOP Send buckets of money STOP Gigantic marketing campaign to follow. END

Short enough?

And the Singaporean people? Common sense at its best. A few comments:

  • "Now providing them with more ideas to strip Singapore..."
  • "Forgot! Election coming so time to upgrade RCs, etc...and more vote buying schemes.."
  • "Integration use tax payer money?"

Yes, people are increasingly getting it! This is truly nice and refreshing for a change.

Is this all there is?

No. Singapore is particularly interesting because it has been the example to follow. A fast (but not too fast) growing multi-ethical country where iron-fist (or at least wooden-fist) planning works beautifully.

Now, now we see the reality. The planners are coming to terms with reality and there is nothing that they can do other than continue to plan, each time farther and farther away from reality.

It is the only rule that all governments follow:

If something does not work, do and do and do it again until it does not work.

Yes, it is that nonsensical. Hey! Don't complain! It works every time for Central Bankers when they print, print, print and print some more!


And so, what is then the solution for Singapore? Well, there isn't one; at least not within the parameters to which successive Singaporean governments brainwashed their people with.

It is quite easy to pose the question and then demand a miraculous solution. It is disingenuous too, to be posing poisoned questions.

Why should we, the people who are staunchingly against governments, come up with a painless solution? The burden is on them to come up with something like that, not us.

If they want our solution, we will give it, but they must be assured that by following it, they will never, ever get a job; at least not as politicians… as janitors maybe… if they fulfill the requisites.

The solution is easy but quite painful: STOP; just STOP.

Stop manipulating the society and the quantity of money and credit. Stop enacting demographic and immigration policies. Stop telling people what to do, how to dress, what to think and who to like or dislike. STOP; just STOP and let nature take its course.

In so doing economic conditions will improve, population will stabilize to a reasonable level (an economically sustainable level) and best of all, there will be peace on earth (or at least a reasonable counterfeit - we are not that picky).

But of course, if they would to do so, this would immediately mean the disintegration of Singapore and most Singaporeans are not ready for it. Not to mention the fact that politicians will be automatically out of a job and this, this must be avoided at all costs!


Singapore is in deep du-du, just like any other industrialized country. The economy is tanking, the government is broke, the future looks bleak and people are unhappy. So what do politicians do? Meaningless gestures with great marketing… and eventually the imposition of new-and-improved "security" measures. This is not by error, this is by design. Politicians want status-quo because status-quo means the status of keeping their jobs. Singapore, just like any other country is not immune to the stupidity of politicians; it is just that they are far away from the West and as such they are invisible. However, rest assured; they are our brothers and sisters in this great awakening… even if they don't know it yet.

Singaporeans, welcome to a brand new world… if you like.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.


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