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Bureaucrats get tax free money

Most bureaucrats bolster about how much work they have and how little salary they earn. We have seen how all their so-called work is in reality wasted tax money (yours and mine to be precise), but what about their salaries? Why do we say that they earn tax free money?

Simple. Consider a bureaucrat that earns 50.000 Reales. This person may be deducted 10.000 Reales for taxes. However, the original 50.000 Reales came from taxes (yours and mine – never theirs) and so the 10.000 deducted simply returned to the tax poll. This means that this person was paid 40.000 Reales in tax-free money! It’s not that they paid taxes, they were paid from taxes.

When it comes to government bureaucrats, normal rules do not apply. It could not be otherwise. That’s the price politicians pay for loyalty. Bribery is alive, well and institutionalized in every government, when it comes to bureaucrats.

Bureaucrats’ job description clearly states: need to be paid from taxes.

This is yet another powerful reason why we despise bureaucrats. You, me and everybody else not belonging to this government elite must pay taxes, they are paid from our taxes for the exhausting job of wasting our taxes. In addition, we have to endure their complaints and sorrow… talking about adding more injuries to a vast number of insults.


Bureaucrats are independent from political power

Although theoretically speaking politicians are bureaucrats’ masters, in reality the situation is vastly more complex. It is more of a symbiotic relationship with a large degree of independence.

It is true that under normal conditions (i.e. for as long as job security and stability is not threatened by politicians), bureaucrats are sort of obedient servers.

But if awaken, this giant monster of a union can and will smash any politician that gets in its way. This fact accords this monster a large degree of freedom while politicians are unable and unwilling to tame it.

Politicians know full well that confronting bureaucrats’ union(s) is suicidal. So they don’t. Of course, once in a while they make a token gesture and bureaucrats well aware of this game, retreat as pre-planned. Is a dance carefully orchestrated… to ensure nothing changes while maintaining the appearance of hierarchical order.

In reality, government bureaucrats are the ones exercising direct power; as in the army. Generals and Colonels give orders, but an army of Sergeants gets their hands dirty. As such, they get to decide how and when things will happen.

Governments are no different. Politicians create laws, but then bureaucrats create regulations. Laws are discussed by judges and lawyers, but regulations remain untouched and uncontested in their execution against you and me. And guess whose hand is on the execution lever?

Without the bureaucracy nothing moves in the government. Without the bureaucracy governments have no real power. Consider this. The British dominated India (a whole sub-continent) with a tiny armed force, a slightly larger police force and a gigantic and well-oiled bureaucracy. Why use force (a blunt instrument) when you can grind your enemy down and squeeze it like a lemon

It is this power, the power to subdue entire populations that gives bureaucrats leverage over politicians and therefore independence. Politicians know this full well. Without bureaucrats they are powerless.

In practice, bureaucrats act independently whenever possible while pursuing their own goals. Countless, innumerable projects were brought to their knees by the bureaucracy that opposed them. This is what politicians fear the most; the independent power of the bureaucracy.

Bureaucrats’ job description clearly states: need to be independent from political power.

This is yet another powerful reason why we despise bureaucrats. Politicians at least keep the pretense of being controlled by people through the voting process. Government bureaucrats not only don’t support such a pretense, but they hail it as something valuable and desirable… although they call it “neutrality”. We find deeply offensive and insolent the notion that our real masters believe us to be so stupid, blind and easy to manipulate.


Bureaucrats – conclusions

A job description of every bureaucrat includes:

  • Be indoctrinated
  • Appear investing
  • Appear producing
  • Kiss-butt to rise
  • Ignore money issues
  • Do it tomorrow, never today
  • Expand at any cost
  • Increase made-up workload
  • Be mediocre
  • Be paid from other-peoples’ taxes
  • Be independent from political power

Is it then any surprise that most people despise bureaucrats? Even those that care not to admit it freely for fear of repercussions? Wouldn’t you be? Knowing that an all-powerful monster is right around the corner always standing ready to steal however little money and rights you still have left.

We have listed a few issues we have with bureaucrats, and those issues only brush the surface of what it is a giant iceberg of troubles. We think it is enough for a lesson, but more than enough for a lifetime.

Bureaucrats are a plague, a golem. However, same as a golem, they were not born in this manner, they were created. They are a true monster that escaped from politicians’ labs thousands of years ago and people have been fighting them ever since. Every civilization that ever had a government, had bureaucrats, no matter how further back in time you go. It is administrators that actually leave marks on the trails of history, not kings and tyrants. And it is administrators that govern our lives, not politicians and public officials.

Is then any surprise that we, and everybody else, despise them so much? We think not.



Politicians and bureaucrats go side-by-side, like strychnine and bear traps. If one does not get you, the other will. They make a formidable combination that is bent over on reducing you to be their servants, slaves if at all possible. Sadly enough, they are well on their way to achieve their goals.

We have given you more than enough information, food for thought, for you to make up your own mind. Just remember, if they are out to get you, it’s not paranoia.

Be well. Meditate. And then spread the word. Or not. If you have reached this paragraph, our job is done. Ultimately, it’s your choice.

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