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Foster oligarchs

You may have noticed that during the process of extracting money through taxation, rich people are usually targeted. However, these rich people, by the very nature of their money, could represent a threat to a politician’s job. Extract enough money from them, and they will find a way to replace you. So, how do politicians deal with this problem? Simple: through “favors”.

You must remember that for any intent and purpose, a government cannot go broke. It is the proverbial magic goose laying golden eggs. And so in order to keep rich people at bay and on the politician’s side, they routinely engage in doling out lucrative contracts and monopolies to those “who deserve them”. It is a simple pay-back process, but it works exceedingly well. Politicians usually lose nothing in the deal (the money is not theirs and the granting of monopolies is essentially free) while rich people get compensated above and beyond of what they pay in taxes. This in essence builds a tidy little oligarchy where those “in the know” and in the “right circles” influence politics and are rewarded. And you? Where do you stand? Thank you very much, go back to work!

Politicians’ job description clearly states: need to foster oligarchs.

This is yet another powerful reason why we despise politicians. Because through their actions a corrupt net of powerful and rich people is developed. These people operate in a parallel universe where normal market rules do not apply. They are given special considerations, breaks, favoritisms and monopolies. They exert pressure on the judiciary and ignore your rights. They are a sort of super-class of citizens for which you are only a gear in the large governmental machine ensuring their riches and privileges. They are the power elite.


Politicians – conclusions

A job description of every politician includes:

  • Be a fake
  • Lie
  • Rob
  • Buy votes
  • Inflict maximum economic damage
  • Be a power hungry megalomaniac
  • Expand your drone army
  • Foster oligarchs


How to become a politician

It is scary enough to realize that politicians do not need to be evil to cause massive destruction. All they have to do is to abide by “normal” political rules. Furthermore, even if they act with the best of intentions, these rules still apply!

Scarier than that is the fact that this list is only valid for “normal” politicians. If we open Pandora’s box of corrupted politicians, then the pit has no bottom. Anything and everything that could possibly harm you will take place. Would you like to play again? We? We pass

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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