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Maximum economic damage

Since politicians need to get their hands on as much money as possible, this means that they need to tax, print or borrow as much as possible. Effectively this means that they are on a mission to extract as much capital as possible from the markets. Capital extraction from markets always produces the same result: economic slow-down or decline and with it a decline in our standards of living.

And so, the net result of maximizing money syphoning from the markets is that they are also maximizing economic damage.

Not only they produce the maximum amount of economic damage, but they do it in such a way that this damage will affect as many people as possible.

Of course, politicians’ economic advisors and “spin doctors” will tell them to re-label all this empty consumerism and waste as “investment”. Therefore, you will hear propaganda such as “we are investing in your children” or “we are investing in the country” or “we are investing in the future”… well… if it is a matter of investment, why not keep the money where it was before the government took it since it was all allocated for investments anyways! Why do we need a gigantic and wasteful work-around to invest money that would have been invested anyways! Obviously it has absolutely nothing to do with real investment and everything to do with vote purchasing.

Politicians’ job description clearly states: need to do as much economic damage as possible.

This is yet another powerful reason why we despise politicians. Because politicians go into this game fully aware of the damage they will cause, even worst, they relish the challenge!


Power hungry megalomaniacs

By its very nature politicians are a very self-assured breed. They believe in themselves beyond anything and furthermore, they believe that they have “the answer” (whatever that may be). As such, they must seize the top and change whatever “is wrong” from there. They are on a mission. Megalomaniacs. Megalomaniacs them all.

From politicians’ point of view, power is the tool for change. If change is to take place, power must be obtained, maintained and increased at any cost. This must be so because as the program to rectify “what is wrong” goes underway, there will always be malcontents and those who “do not understand”. The only way to deal with this “socially dis-adapted class” is by force (either political or economic) and the only way to do this is by using power. Power is therefore the first, middle and ultimate tool to be used “for the betterment of society”.

And so, their agenda invariably includes plans to increase their power. How do they do this? The old fashion way: by legislating. Since governments do not respond to anything or anybody (see the lesson Who Watches The Watchers), they do whatever they want. This pivots on a constant transfer of your rights to them, whether you like it or not. Have you noticed that every time a law is passed, it “regulates” (i.e. forbids) some good or service? And from that point on, who has the power to “regulate” said good and service? You guessed it! Politicians through the government.

Have you noticed that every time somebody complains, they end up using some sort of Declaration of Rights? Why do you think this is necessary? Because unless a right is explicitly listed and could potentially be defended judicially, it is fair game and up for grabs by politicians. And they do so. With extreme prejudice.

Politicians’ job description clearly states: need to gram as much powers as possible.

This is yet another powerful reason why we despise politicians. They rob us of our rights to increase their power over us. If you think this is just a metaphor, think again. Look around you. Try to find something, anything that is not “regulated” or does not contain at least something that is not “legislated”. Don’t bother. We have been assimilated, and we don’t even know it.


Drone army builders

Every evil tyrant must have his very own army of minions, or at least so dictates the unwritten rule of literary fiction. When it comes to politicians, this rule usually gets it half right. Politicians are not evil but they are tyrants.

Why do we say that they are not evil? Because it is not necessary for them to be evil to cause massive damage. All they have to do is to be “standard” politicians. If, on top of that, they are evil, then that’s only marginally worse.

The rule also states that these tyrants must have an army of brain-dead servants who cater to their every wish. This is quite true for politicians; enter the bureaucracy.

They are supposed to be the drones that perform all the labor politicians need to “get it right”. As a matter of fact, they are the hidden (and not so hidden) army that supports politicians’ visions and make it reality (or nightmare, depending how you look at it). Just as a massive monster, this bureaucracy must be fed. Politicians and bureaucrats fully understand that a symbiotic relationship exists; some sort of balance of power. They will blindly obey politicians for as long as said politicians do not inflict too much harm onto their ranks. It is not a matter of ideology, it is a matter of job security. For as long as politicians irritate and threaten the bureaucracy, it will respond as a well-trained circus bear. However, if it is seriously upset, politicians tremble since they have the power to create so much havoc and disruption to ensure a politician’s replacement with something more “understanding” of their needs.

And so, in order to keep this army well behaved and politicians’ power base fully functional, the bureaucracy must grow. For a politician it is always necessary to spend increasing amounts of capital in upgrading and expanding the supporting bureaucracy. Administrative personnel is in charge of controlling most of the population through threats, regulations and laws. They strive to be the most efficient low-key oppressing machine they can be. Most people don’t have the stomach, stamina or funds to oppose them. The remaining of the population is kept docile and at bay through the tireless activities of those democratic heroes, the “security” forces. Those that will beat you to a pulp should your views differ from the law (aka the party line).

Politicians’ job description clearly states: need to expand the drone army.

This is yet another powerful reason why we despise politicians. Because they always increase the size and efficiency of control processes and systems. It is increasingly difficult to escape their clutches to the point that they become constricting boas slowly draining your rights and life out of you.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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