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Do you remember that famous line “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one”? It sounds impressive, righteous, definitive and worthy. Too bad it is garbage. Spock got it all wrong.

This line is a classic example of communist / socialist thinking and people seeking martyrdom. The supposedly good of the many justifies the sacrifice of the worthless one. The worthy end justifies the minor sacrifice.

Well… not when it comes to us. If you feel that you need to sacrifice yourself for us, please, fell free to do so. But don’t expect any ‘thank you’ from us any time soon.

This type of thinking is essentially how current governments justify their ripping of your rights and their stealing of your money through taxing you into slavery. Don’t you worry, your sacrifice is for the better good. Your sacrifice will make our society better. Your sacrifice is required for our (… insert your preferred justification e.g. country, state, culture, religion, etc…) to survive. Your sacrifice will be managed by us… oh…wait… that last part was not supposed to be there!

The problem with this thinking is always the same. Even if Democracy would work (and we are tired of pointing out why it does not), it can never distance itself from what it is: the tyranny of the majority.

The truth is that sacrifice is not necessary. Sacrifice is only required to justify tyranny. In a system where the goal is coexistence, sacrifice is simply a minor voluntary contractual arrangement and not a major imposition upheld with guns and violence.

Think it through. The good of one person can be achieved by maximizing this person’s rights. But the same can be said for all people that form a group, or a country or a continent. This individual maximization leads to higher economic levels for all people involved and therefore higher standards of living for everyone. Sacrifice is not necessary. The only necessary sacrifice is for politicians to disappear and stop interfering with everybody’s well-being.

It irks us to no end that politicians keep spreading these concepts on the surface, while pushing bankrupt Economic Theories underneath, as we have showed in the lessons Austrian Economics In Pictures, Austrian Economics In Theory and Social Contracts Are A Scam.

The goal of a group of people is not and it never was equality. This is simply a made-up goal from several made-up political theories. The goal of a group of people is prosperity. Economic well-being trumps everything. Once this is achieved, then other considerations can weigh in.

We can see religious or “spiritual” people complaining that this is not true. Well, allow us to put it this way. When you don’t have food, clothing or shelter, and your options are to either go to a spiritual meeting or to work hard to ensure your family remains fed, clothed and sheltered, not too many people choose the former. And this is a fact.

We must seek it to satisfy the needs of the one, because we can only do so individually. How many houses do society need? How do you feed a culture? How do you cloth a religion? You cannot. To think in this manner is plain stupid (but very convenient). Nothing can be achieved if it is not done at the individual level. However, the beauty of this method is that by satisfying each individual, we automatically satisfy society, culture, religion, etc.

Note: for the purists, yes. We use the word “society” while holding our noses not to gag by its stench (the word, we mean – see the lesson Don’t talk to us about society).

This is the great apparent contradiction. By giving every person the maximum number of tools to help themselves, they will help everybody else to the maximum. This is so because the only way to help themselves, is to create wealth. But they can only do so through the production of goods and services to satisfy other people. The maximum amount of individual wealth can only be created if we help a maximum number of people!

And there we have it. The contradiction has dissipated. The truth emerges:

The needs of the one, outweigh the needs of the few or the many.

This is the message of Austrian Economics and Libertarians. We want to help all people to the maximum, but in order to do so, we need to help ourselves to the maximum.

The choice is yours. Help “society” or start helping yourself. Your choice.

Live long and prosper… or not.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.


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