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Many people struggle with this question. Typically they would tell us that they don’t like their governments, that there are no good choices, that nothing ever changes, that things continue to deteriorate. Guess what? They are absolutely right. Then what? To vote or not to vote is the question. But what is the answer?

Let’s begin by saying that beyond personal reasons such as religious, moral or ethical, there is actually only one general reason to pose the question. It is the issue of legitimacy.

Governments flaunt their legitimacy through the excuse of an election. Their logic goes like this. We had a “free” election, people chose us therefore we are a legitimate government.

To a certain logical degree they are, of course, right. Technically speaking, the voting process has legitimated them. However, as we have seen in our lesson Who Watches the Watchers, all “democratic” governments are deeply flawed and therefore illegitimate.

Real legitimacy can never be achieved in a democratic system, not even theoretically, because the very concept of a majority vote-based power is tyrannical in nature. It always leaves a minority unshielded.

As we have explained in many other lessons, it is not a matter of fixing the democratic system; it is a matter of replacing it.

And so the question as to whether we should or should not vote answers itself. Do we want to maintain a democratic system? Then we should vote. Do we want to get rid of a democratic system? Then we should not vote.

By not voting we make the conscious decision to remove “legitimacy” from governments.  

Don’t delude yourself. The act of voting automatically legitimates governments and any explanation and qualification or spin you would like to add to it, it is irrelevant. You voted therefore you legitimated a government.  Don’t you worry, they will make sure to underline this issue… whether you like it or not.

If you decide not to vote, good for you! However, this does not mean that must be politically passive. On the contrary, you must be politically active. Go out and convince other people not to vote.

Lack of votes speaks infinitely louder than any quantity of votes.

Lack of votes cannot be “spinned”  by professional image consultants and public relations gurus. No votes means one thing and one thing only: we don’t like the democratic process. Period!

There is no way to “massage” or “spin” or “translate” or “explain” this away. This is the only message that cannot be misunderstood or manipulated.

Even the right not to vote has been taken away from many people in this world. Yes, governments are that desperate. If you want to see a list, go to Wikipedia Compulsory Voting.

Eventually, this right will be taken away from everybody. However, for now, there is still a window of opportunity open. Do not vote. Do convince others not to vote. It is your choice. Don’t let them take it away from you.

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