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Over time, we have touched on multiple topics and we will continue to do so. Today, however, we would like to focus on a few words you find in all the pages of this website: No Taxation and No Representation. We also have: Freedom and Power.

What do they meant? How do they come together?

We have explained in our lesson Taxed to death No just into slavery that taxation is thievery, plain and simple. We have also explained in many articles that governments (our representatives) are nothing more than aggressing powers representing only themselves.

But what about Freedom? Freedom is at the most basic of any Libertarian belief. We are born free and as such, freedom is inseparable from our existence. However, freedom in and by itself is not enough. We need power to ensure we can exercise this freedom. This power is not directed at other people, as many would suppose, but to ourselves. We need to be free to exercise our freedom. We need to be unbound to be able to freely bind ourselves into voluntary agreements that will enable us to coexist with other people.

Our goal is not to impose our will on other people, but to remove unwanted wills that have been imposed onto us.

As it stands today, we are not free at all; when laws, rules and regulations are imposed on us even before we are born! Today, we don’t have the necessary freedom nor the necessary power to manage this freedom as we see fit.

This is the conundrum. We cannot have freedom without the power to act through our free will.

Taxation and representation are just the visible elements of our oppression; the logistics of how we have lost our freedom and why we are powerless to execute it.

We promised that this website will always be about practical issues and applications of the Absolute Austro-Libertarian system. Therefore, the first issue that needs addressing and clarifying is this:  for as long as the logistics of oppression remain in place, we will never be free. For as long as our “representatives” (governments) and their oppression machinery (taxation) exist, we will never be able to express our freedom.

This is a simple fact, but it cannot be underestimated.

Taxation and fiat representation are the visible faces of our oppression. Our goal is to become free and powerful to exercise our freedom. Everything else is secondary.

Now you know why no taxation and no representation is prominently displayed in our website. Now you know why freedom and power is so important. Now you know that you have a choice to make. Make it. It’s yours.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.


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