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When discussing different political systems it would seem that it is never in good taste to bring up the subject of war.  This is patently unfair because war is the most destructive process ever devised.  Yet, most political systems remain shy when approached about this critical issue. They live by the motto: War is good business – invest a child!

We believe that this shyness originates in the fact that they have no answers.  No political system ever provides rationales as to why wars would be diminished or eliminated altogether under its regime. What they always provide are platitudes and fuzzy arguments about people reaching agreements or reaching understandings.

No political system has any answers simply because the issue of war has never been worked out.  Political systems simply do not have built-in mechanisms to prevent war. At the end of all philosophies at the end of all polished arguments, there is nothing left there that will prevent wars. Very unfortunately, it is that simple.  Democracy in particular, despite all its promises has been completely unable to stop wars.  It has only been able to contain conflicts through military brute force.

The saddest part of all of this is to know that wars are fully preventable.  The most powerful machine ever devised to elevate humans into a better life, has not been enlisted to prevent wars.  Yes, we’re talking about the economy.

The Absolute Austro-Libertarian system is the only political system capable of doing so. However, in order to fully understand why this is possible we need to understand the origin of wars.

Human beings have always been making use of violence for one reason or another.  Originally, violence was necessary for survival.  Over time, violence was used against fellow humans to satisfy all their needs.  Therefore, humans have always been in conflict with one another.  But if you look closely you will notice that most of those original needs where economic in nature. A better cave, better food, better tools, and so forth.  Incredibly enough, nothing much has changed since those times.  We still fight for economic reasons although we do not realize this fact any longer. Modern reasons for war come now to us wrapped in political spin, ideological truths or plain lies.

Is there any wonder that we remain utterly confused?

In the Absolute Austro-Libertarian system, the main driver and the basis for coexistence is the economy.  As economic beings we need economic means to survive; this is something that is very basic to our nature.  As such, we cannot ignore it or dismiss it.

The main reason for war to exist is because this very same economic factor can be dismissed and removed from the equation by governments. They force us to act against our own best economic interests. If governments would not be able to do so then wars would never exist.  As human beings, we fully recognize that conflicts will never be fully avoided.  However, we can and should avoid the wholesale slaughter that is war.  War can only be possible because of the use of industry to provide the tools of destruction.  In turn, this can only be possible through making this effort profitable through government spending. Private citizens and companies can never afford spending at such a massive scale.

Therefore, if governments would not exist, the funding for wars would never be possible.  Removing governments from the equation solves the issue altogether.

Just imagine how ridiculous would it be if a person would attempt to buy a tank having to pay research and development costs in addition to manufacturing costs.  It is utterly un-conceivable.

And how about companies?  Would companies be willing to spend enormous amounts of money in research and development knowing that the unit cost would be astronomical and furthermore there would be no market?  Of course not.

From a company’s perspective there just isn’t any money into making tools of war unless there is a government willing to pay for them.

We can take this thinking a step further and ask ourselves, would a company be willing to invest enormous amounts of money to develop tools of war in order to attack other companies’ territories?  What could they possibly gain?

They could certainly take over a specific territory but, where is the profit?  And what would the company do with all the people living in that territory?  Those very people will have their lives destroyed and their economic means disintegrated. They would be totally unable to generate any income and therefore unable to purchase any products.  Which means that they will not be able to provide any profits to the conquering company.  That clearly defeats the purpose of invading any territory.

How about simply attacking a competing company to take it out of business through obliteration. Would this provide profits? Most certainly not. Any such company entertaining the notion of attacking a competitor, also understands that by doing so, the company itself becomes a prime target. This would undoubtedly spark an arms race between companies. But the problem with this, is  that armed races do not provide profit. It is a lose-lose scenario. Any third rate business analyst will tell you that you don’t make profits by destroying your competition, you make profits by either taking over it or creating better products. Destruction is always inconsistent with the bottom line.

It is that simple.  No profits means no war.  This is the absolute best deterrent that we have.  Our very own greed is protecting us from ourselves.  What better guarantee can you demand?

This is the most powerful mechanism that any political system can bring to bear in order to eliminate war.  Only the Absolute Austro-Libertarian system is capable of doing so because it rejects the only power that can bypass this greed process: the government.

Wars are pretty much impossible in an Absolute Austro-Libertarian system.  This is a fact.  It is now up to you to determine if you’re going to keep believing in the democratic, process which has brought you so many wars, or will you select a new and more powerful way of living.  The choice is yours.  The choice was always yours.  But the question remains, will the choice continue to be yours in the future?

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