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Sinking of Europe


As the root of all EU problems is the existence of the Great Enabler of Problems (i.e. the government), the "fix" for all EU woes is very easy: get rid of all governments. As this solution is universal and too early in their political evolution, it is therefore impractical. However, what is practical and realistic is to begin the lengthy process of country dissolution towards Libertarianism (see When Countries Dissolve). People of the Europe are half-way there. They are thoroughly disillusioned with political systems, they are disillusioned with the ever-worsening economic conditions and they are disillusioned with their leaders. What remains is that people become thoroughly disillusioned with economic conditions and the epiphany that they don't need governments; that all they need is to rely on themselves. This will take a little longer however. Meanwhile, the solution is to ignore EU governments. Small, medium and large. Don't vote. Don't petition. Don't participate. Disobey. Ignore. Reject. It is possible and it can be done gradually. You don't have to be the canary in the coal mine. You don't have to be the sacrificial lamb. Wait for consensus and then join the consensus. Once there is sufficient critical (disobedient) mass, what will the government do? What will politicians do? Adapt to the current reality. They can't jail even 10% of their population. We know, the USSR tried it and failed. The USSR's solution was "internal exile" or "death". Do you see any EU country doing this in this day and age? We thought so. And once this reality sets-in, the fear is gone. Once people realize that in reality the only power that governments have is the power we believe they have, it is over. This is the solution, the gradual fix, the way out. Do this and EU will revive "miraculously" through free markets, free initiatives and free thinking. Don't do this and we absolutely guarantee that things will only go one way: down. Way down.

EU economy

In conditions of government disregard, most taxes -direct and indirect- go away. As such capital returns to their rightful owners who will save and through savings create true lending which will be used to found new enterprises. In conditions of government disregard, the free market will develop their own stable currencies and get rid of fiat money. Whether this currency will be cyber-currency or commodity-based is up to the market to decide, but from where we sit, both are good candidates and we wouldn't be surprised at all if they develop side-by-side in competition. There is a huge demand for sound money. The only question is, what will fill-in the need. The revival of the EU economy will make most other matters mute.

EU military

In conditions of government disregard, military budgets will shrink to nothing. In such conditions EU governments will be forced to do the only thing that makes sense, that it is left to do and that was never before adopted: to develop a verifiable nuclear strike force. Presto! Instant MAD, instant balance of power. Nuclear strike forces are far more cost-effective than conventional military, particularly if using existing missile technology. The EU already has it. It developed it for its EU Space program. Nowadays missiles are relatively cheap, reliable and effective. All is necessary is for them to carry a nuclear payload. The French already did so; they developed independent nuclear weapons technology. All the elements for a cheap, cost effective deterrent against the invasion of EU are already in EU. So far it was never implemented because it was not politically expedient. However, when governments are pushed into a corner because of lack of funding, they have the tendency to choose the cheapest solution and this is it.

And no, this is not the ideal solution and it is not the solution that will eventually prevail. But this is an imperfect world and hence requiring of imperfect solutions.

EU society

In conditions of government disregard, people will begin to realize that the only thing they can trust is themselves. If they don't do it, nobody will. This is good because it sparks the entrepreneurial spirit which has been dormant in EU for too long. This spirit will prompt people to act and in acting they will act economically. They will begin to understand that there is no free lunch and that wealth cannot be printed out of thin air. As they being this lengthy process towards entrepreneurialism they will fully understand that the person next to them is not Catholic, Muslim, Jew, Satanist or Hindi; that the person next to them is not chines, black, white, yellow or mix. They will begin to realize that they are all potential clients and as such sources of wealth for themselves. When this epiphany eventually hits, all race, colour or religion issues disappear and with them all immigration issues. Basically, the more the merrier!

Suddenly is not an issue of "melting pot" versus "closed societies", it is an issue of clients or not. Cultural issues go away. Flexibility begins to take hold because people begin to realize that although some cultural nuances can be lost, they are all losing equally. There are no winners or losers in this cultural game because it is not a game, it is evolution.

In conditions of government disregard societies begin to heal themselves through working to satisfy other peoples' needs, thus acting in their own selfish self-interest. Once people realize that differences are only relevant insofar that they are opportunities to make profits, then these very same differences are view for what they truly are: positive characteristics. Negative characteristics, such as hate and destructive tendencies begin to be shunned and rejected by society as a whole because they are not profitable for the vast majority of entrepreneurs in said society.

Think of it. If you owe a store, do you really care what color, religion, belief, language, aspect or morality are your customers? Of course not. Would you deny yourself a profit based on any of those characteristics? Be honest here… That's better. Of course you wouldn't! As a store owner, would you watch blissfully how a few people destroy your store and extort you for "protection"? Of course you wouldn't. You would hire protective services to protect your store and to protect your customers.

All this is not theory, it is reality. It does happen in reality. See for example Somalia - The Great Austro-Libertarian Failure.

And if your needs are satiated and your future is secure but only insofar your efforts in so doing are expended, wouldn't you begin to look more favourably towards family? Wouldn't you want to have a safety net? Of course you would. All demographic research points to the same conclusion: when a species is under threat they procreate. A free market would create such a "soft threat" and thus birth rates would go up. Naturally.

EU politics

In conditions of government disregard politicians would still exist but their massive negative impact would be greatly diminished until eventually eliminated. As government "income" begins to disappear, governments will shrink and eventually will remain in skeletal operations only, most likely as guardians of nuclear strike forces and other minor formal duties. Their capacity to disrupt EU peoples' lives will be, for most intent and purposes, nullified.


EU is in decline. This decline was caused by governments acting upon the orders of politicians. This is no coincidence and it is not complicated to understand. People of the EU have let themselves be brainwashed by the seduction of Socialism - The Most Addictive Drug. The solution is to get rid of socialism. Now. While there is still time. Before the final collapse and the onset of the perennial Cycle of Hell (Argentine Default - What A Depression Looks Like) takes hold of EU.

This is the only way, short of the socialist way. More taxing, more borrowing and more printing. More pain, suffering, rhetoric and nonsense. More despair, disillusionment and helplessness. That's all right. If you enjoy agony, torture and torment, then this way is for you. We guarantee you an endless supply of hurt. Just for you. Let it never be said we do not cater to all manners of thinkers.

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