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Overt time we have watched with increasing interest the political de-volution (or is it con-volution) of European political systems. The very same societies that gave us "The Magna Carta", "Liberte, egalite, fraternite", "Main Kampf" and "Das Kapital" are now giving us the "Ode To Joy" (the European anthem). Clearly a monumental step forward in political theory. We don't need no stinkin' political ideas. What we need is good PR!

Within this ebullient environment of ideologies, developments and revolutionary thinking there still remains a small, tiny glimmer of hope. The number of people actually bother voting is dwindling. And this fact, dear reader, does indeed fill us with true joy.

However, this fact also got us thinking the bureaucratic way. One of their favorite rules is simple: if something is worth doing (in order to improve job security) it is worth doing it to absurdity.

Let's take for example an extrapolation of voter turnout in the European Union and watch where it leads us. For that, we need to construct a graph:

European Voter Turnout

The blue line represents the current EU voter turnout while the black line represents a linear extrapolation (i.e. extension) of the previous data into the future.

You may have noticed that by 2080 (a mere 64 years from today - less than a generation - but who's counting), the extrapolation indicates that there will be no voters whatsoever deciding who will be in charge of the European Union. This would be a strange situation indeed! However, rest assured that it will never happen. How do we know this? Because we know how politicians and bureaucrats think.

You see dear reader, before we get to the zero point, we need to pass through the "one" point. This is, on its way to zero turnout there will be a moment in time where only one person will show up to vote in the entirety of the European Union. That person will be the sole decider of which party will get to power. But as this party will obtain 100% of all votes (i.e. the one vote) it will be undisputed and so will be its leader. Through this process this leader will reign unopposed (literally - since no other political party will be present) and as such allow this will allow him or herself to declare to be the new king (or queen) of Europe who will reign with absolute power ever after. The end.



Of course this scenario which we have painted for your is patently absurd. However, what is not absurd is the realization that in the end this is exactly what politicians want to accomplish; to reign unopposed and with absolute power (and we mean absolute as in not relative).

How do we reach this conclusion?


All you need to do is to watch the dwindling of freedoms year after year after year through regulation. What most people do not realize is that the limitation of our freedoms through regulation is an a-symmetric process. It would be symmetric if people as well as the government would be equally limited (although this scenario would still be pretty bad); equality under the law and all that. However, this is not the case at all. Every right, every freedom that you lose the government wins. This is so because politicians and bureaucrats rule as de-facto (in fact) as sovereigns.

For every rule that regular people must obey there is a counter-rule allowing the government not to obey it.

  • You can't drive over the speed limit but the police can.
  • You can't pollute the environment but the government can (think national-security-type excuses)
  • You have to pay taxes but government enterprises do not.
  • You have to work but politicians do not.

Every single action of your life is regulated and controlled by people who do not abide by the same regulations and controls.

Of course! the final goal of every politician is absolute power. The final goal of every politician is to become the absolute sovereign over whom there is nobody else; the new king or queen of the territory (or the world, if possible).

Europe is clearly going that route as bureaucrats in the EU Parliament are becoming increasingly more powerful. However, it will never get there. Whit great power comes great irresponsibility. It is this irresponsibility in the economic arena that will be the engine of political change. The race for political power grabs is ultimately self-defeating because the very same skills that enable people to climb the political ladder are the ones pushing them into economic stupidity. The higher a politician gets the more stupid the economic decisions that are made.

Europe is broke, it is just a matter of time before its collapse.

Meanwhile, let's all hail the new King of Europe… President of the European Commission Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker (there is a joke somewhere in that name but we will pass on this opportunity leaving the chance to cleverer people). May his tenure be miserable and full of troubles.

In ultimate analysis, however, it is your decision. Vote or not. Be for or against the continuation of this oppressing regime. Your choice.

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