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By now we have all heard about this triumph of democracy that took place in the European Union. It could not be otherwise since we all know that the world revolves around the EU and the people in the rest of the world (the "other" 90% or 6303 million humans) do not matter (with the possible exception of the 300 million meddlers in US). Yet another successful election has taken place consolidating the power of politicians and bureaucrats…err.. people, people! over their own controlled…err… destiny… yeah… their destiny.
People look at the electoral results of the EU and remain puzzled. There are parties with strange logos, bombastic names and sound bits in their acronyms that add very little to the knowledge of their true intentions. If you go to their websites, they all sound oh so terribly reasonable and common-sensical, yet it is quite difficult (if not impossible) to discern their ultimate intentions. Neverfear as we are here!

The following table provides a suitable translation from political-gobbledygook to political-spectrum which is sufficiently accurate for our purposes. We do so guided not by their stated principles, but by what those principles mean in practice to you, to the economy and to the political system. Would it surprise you to know that in most occasions said principles produce vastly different outcomes from the ones that said political parties declare? By now (if you had been following us) it should not.

European Elections 2014

As you can see, socialism has triumphed once again! Hurrah!!!

Of course, this could not have been otherwise and it was a forgone conclusion since the entire world operates as a giant socialist roulette (of the Russian persuasion and fully loaded).  This assertion is quite simple to demonstrate. Just head to our Special Projects page and you will find a collection of indices and indicators that will show you just how socialistic the world truly is. Furthermore, the largest concentration of worst offenders are in… drumroll please… the EU! What a surprise… not.

And so once again the question within the EU politico-bureaucratic landscape is not which politician/bureaucrat got elevated to which position, but simply how large is the socialist percentage of the people than now control you (if you live in the EU).

At the current level of 93%, the picture is pretty bleak indeed.


Hold on, but if we are Absoltue Austro-Libertarians and as such are against all governments and particularly Socialism/Communism, how is this assertion true or even possible?

Good question dear reader. It's quite simple. In our article The Three Laws Of Political System Change we stated quite clearly that the main engine for political system change is the economy. Now, which political system is the best when it comes to deliver lower standards of living? Socialism. Therefore, which political system will accelerate political system changes most efficiently? Socialism. So, what do we need to accelerate the demise of democracy and turn a new leaf in our lives? Socialism. And which political system won by a landslide in EU? Socialism!

There you have it. We absolutely, positively and unquestionably know that there is nothing we can do to change history in the form of political systems. But what we know is that said change can be accelerated. Hence, every time a socialist government takes power anywhere in this world we won because we know that the day of change just got closer.

You could also rejoice with us in the knowledge that the inevitable debacle is closer and hence that our lives will be better sooner. Or, you can cling to the edifice of obsolete political ideas and mourn their decay.

Your choice.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.


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