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Drones Must Wear ID At All TImes


Fundamental rights

Then the author of the article goes completely off the rails by stating that people cannot "demand the fulfillment of their fundamental rights" without the DNI. WOW! So much confusion in so little space.

Let's begin by saying that our fundamental rights are those rights we have since birth which are inalienable and this covers literally everything. The state through the use of the fake and false Principle of Authority (see Lost Memories) and supported by non-existing social contracts (see Social Contracts Are A Scam) has simply stolen them from people. They have done so through the use of brute force (military, police, intelligence organizations and the judiciary). The reality is that people would not be in the ridiculous position of having to demand for their "fundamental rights" should the government had not stolen them to begin with! Even assuming the ludicrous position that governments are valid; governments have privileges, not rights. We, the people, grant them privileges at our entire discretion. Privileges can never trump rights. Governments are inanimate objects and as such they have no rights. We, the people, can cancel their privileges any time we want. But of course, politicians have twisted this truth to the point that now they have "rights" and we have "privileges". They have done so on purpose because it is the only way to create laws that can curtail our freedom.

But even if this would not be the case, even assuming that governments are valid (they are not) and that they do have rights and we privileges (not the case) there is still one simple un-answered question: why do we need a DNI to be able to "demand our fundamental rights"? If governments have rights and we privileges, we would only be able to demand our "fundamental privileges" and not rights.

You see, a DNI is simply an identification document. In and by itself and with regards to our rights is irrelevant. Just because you may or may not be able to identify yourself this fact does nothing (against or in favour) for your "fundamental rights". Fundamental rights are just that; fundamental. They cannot be altered by an ID or lack of thereof precisely because they are fundamental. Think of it like this. You have a fundamental right to life. Will this right get affected if you are called Mendoza as opposed to Juan? Of course not! This concept of linking the DNI with fundamental rights is as bogus as it gets. Shame, shame on the reporter!

The reality is that it is the government that has stolen all Argentine rights and the only way to get some privileges back is through the use of the DNI. And this returns us to the previous equation: vote for me (the politician) and I will let you have some privileges. No DNI, no vote, no privilege.

Fundamental rights redoux

The reporter from the article goes on by listing some of those "fundamental rights". Not surprisingly for a socialist/communist country, they are:

  • having a healthy life
  • being able to participate in the processes of formative education
  • not having to perform child labour

We have already addressed the issue of "having a healthy life" above, because it translates as socialized health care. We won't repeat the arguments again.

Regarding "formative education" it refers to government schools, which we also addressed above.

Regarding "child labour" we are genuinely puzzled. Hard that we may think we cannot see any relationship between DNIs and child labour. How exactly would a person force a child to work for them if they lack a DNI is a complete and total mystery. It is like stating that just because a potential employer does not know your name, this person may use this lack of information to force you to perform labour for them. Truly mindboggling… unless Argentine employers have developed some means of mind control which is dependent upon not knowing your ID and we are unaware of it. It may be. One never knows. They are probably using Alpha Centaury technology brought to them by those little green man in black suits (or was it the other way around?) Nevermind…

In Argentina child labour is rampant. You can see children on the streets selling and hustling to make a living. As a matter of fact, they are a permanent addition to the landscape. Argentina would not be Argentina without child labour. And what is the most important determinant of this scourge? Economics. And who is fully, utterly and completely guilty of screwing up economic conditions since 1810 (the independence year)? The Argentine government. As a matter of fact, since the last great DNI reorganization that took place a few years back, the amount of people carrying their DNI is at a historical high…yet… this has no correlation whatsoever with child labour. What a surprise…not!

To the right of the right

Of course, this article could not have been published otherwise in the newspaper where it was published considering that it is the mainstream media representing the most "conservative" elements in Argentine politics, which includes the military. And by conservative we mean dictatorial. This newspaper represents the right to the right of the right in terms of Political spectrum, yet, it is not by any means a niche newspaper. It represents 20% of the current political thinking in Argentina. Surprised yet? No, right?

In essence, at least 20% of Argentine population agrees that the DNI is a vital tool every citizen should have. Clearly ridiculous, but we cannot speed political evolution much we would like to.


Yet another similar piece of propaganda was created by the very same newspaper, this time titled "The incredible story of the man who lived 76 years without DNI". This reflects current Argentine reality where you can't do anything without the DNI. The person to which the article refers to simply used a spare one from a friend. In other words, this person spent 76 years of his life under an assumed name and… nothing happened!!! This goes to show exactly how useful is the DNI to the average citizen. The point is that people need the DNI, any DNI, to operate in Argentina. In the real, daily world in Argentina it matters not who you are but that you do have a DNI, any DNI. But the reality is that they are "proud" to have their DNI. This is so in part because there is a twisted logic at play. Argentines were considered non-people for decades under civilian and military dictatorships. By being able to carry a DNI, they harbour this deep belief that their existence is being acknowledged by the government. Fat chance!

The only good news in this area is that the Ministry of the Interior (the apparatchiks in charge of the DNI) freely confesses that they have no clue how many undocumented (i.e. un-DNI'd) people are in Argentina nor that there is a project to find out. Good for Argentine people! At least a tiny piece of good news!


The newspaper El Comercio - Peru published yet another article titled "Argentina: the women who received her DNI after 60 years". This is the story of an Ukrainian immigrant in Argentina who after 15 years was hospitalized due to a mental illness. The General and National Defense Attorney Department begun the paperwork to process her DNI "only" 29 years ago but no birth certificate could be made available because of destruction to her native town due to WWII. As such her DNI status was in limbo. After many years of judicial and extra-judicial paperwork, the lady finally got her DNI… only 60 years after she arrived to Argentina, and she was now so proud and happy! As you can see the DNI was really, really necessary and who knows what would have happened should she would not had it…well?... nothing! Because she did not have it!

The moral here is simply. You are not a person. What you are, where you are and what you do is just information tied to your DNI. You do not exist, the DNI does. Reality is irrelevant; the only relevant issue is what is in the paperwork. This is reality for every single Argentine person carrying a DNI.


Yet another story, this time titled "Self-perceived identity: finally Lulu will have a DNI with her name" was published by the Infojus Noticias website. This is the story of a child who was biologically born as male, but who self-identified as female. In other words, a self-aware homosexual in classical terms. The problem was that the DNI reflected his biological nature and this created all kinds of problems with schools, activities, discrimination, hospitals, and so on. Eventually his mother petitioned (under current law) to the government for a change. After a battle with apparatchiks that lasted over a year and involved different organizations (NGO and governmental), legal advice and administrative rejections, the DNI was finally amended to reflect the child's chosen name. Child and mother are now proud and happy of having achieved this goal.

And the question lingering in the background is: why? Why was this monumental battle against apparatchiks actually necessary? How we perceive ourselves has nothing to do with the government, or at least it should not. Yet, all-powerful governments force us to bent to their will through the artificial imposition of ID-related obligations.


Most people living in Argentina are the classic exponents of a brainwashed generation, or several of them. They will fight to the death the privilege of being subjugated by the government. This attitude is clear in their points of view, behaviours and opinions. One such tiny sample is how the DNI is perceived. It is thought as a privilege when in reality is nothing but a tool for political control which hampers the daily activities with useless bureaucratic tasks. This is, of course, the norm in most countries, even in those who reject national ID cards but wholeheartedly accept other types of government IDs. It is simply misdirection. All data ends up in government databases anyways. Control is to know who you are and what it is that you are doing, regardless of the means to accomplish such a goal. The only real solution is to reject all ID systems and methods in such a way that we only have to fight one battle. Unfortunately, there is only one way to do so and this is to get rid of all governments forever.

It is clear that the tidal wave of people who are too resilient and set in their own ways is enormous. You may be in it and not even knowing it. You may feel comfortable with all the artificial impositions that governments create out of nowhere for their own use, such as ID documents. That's OK. It is most definitively your choice. Just one question, what are you going to do once your ID document fully defines yourself and you cease to exist as a person?

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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