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Believe YourselfOn Tuesday the left-oriented council of the city of Reykjavik’s (Iceland) approved a boycott of Israeli products until the occupation of the Palestinian territory is brought to an end. Israel responded by qualifying this action as a “volcano of hatred”. OK. Those are the facts. If you are not laughing your guts out by now, you are probably dead… or in coma.

Iceland dictating to Israel?


For real?

Not a joke?

But this is like an ant complaining to clouds because of the rain. Preposterous!

Yet this is really, really, happening.

And, there is a lesson to be had here. Actually, several lessons.


Why of all times would the left-oriented councilors of Reykjavik choose to act in this manner now is a total and complete mystery. If we would be in charge of facilities at the council chamber, we would be looking for hallucinogenic substances smuggled and dispersed into that room. Or perhaps all councilors got a brand new batch of really, really good weed and they all decided to give it a go. Or perhaps they all had a really, really bad hair day and had to take it on somebody. Who knows? Our guess is as good as yours.

Furthermore, what are these politicians expecting to accomplish when we know that even the intervention of the USA and other Arab nations accomplished nothing with regards to Palestine territories. War did nothing. The Intifada did nothing. So what would the … stop laughing… Reykjavik council hope to accomplish? … seriously… stop laughing or we will stop typing…

Oh well…

Go ahead…

Get it out of your system…

All good now?

Let’s continue.


So Reykjavik won’t be getting those Israeli products any longer. So Reykjavik people won’t be getting Israeli products any longer. So Reykjavik will have to deal without Israeli products. So Reykjavik people are getting screwed. Aha. Uhu. So… people who could not care less about the occupation of Palestine territories are getting screwed by people claiming to act in their name seeking to accomplish an un-accomplishable goal? That it? Yup!

So Reykjavik are getting screwed, right?


So Israeli people won’t be able to sell Israeli products to Reykjavik people. So Israeli people won’t be able to get any profit from selling Israeli products to Reykjavik. So Israeli people are getting screwed. Aha. Uhu. So… people who are sick and tired of war and the occupation of Palestine territories are getting screwed by people claiming to act in their name seeking to maintain a status-quo on their behalf. That it? Yup!


So basically, thanks to politicians on both sides of the divide, the economy of both regions will suffer. Which means that standards of living will decrease. Which means that politicians on both sides of the issue are not performing their duties, which are to fulfill the wishes of their “representees”. So much for democracy?

That’s right!


Look, this is simple. Politicians are utterly disconnected from you and reality. They operate on a parallel universe where politics trumps. Meanwhile, on planet earth (in this universe) we are all getting collectively screwed.

And what about Palestinians who have their territory “occupied”? What about them? It is not a problem of territory in the sense of land belonging to a political state. It is an issue of homesteading. First come first served. First come, first with property rights. If Palestinians created their homes on unoccupied and unused land (no, really), then it is their land. If the land was being used by Israelis (and we mean really used, not just barb-wired and claimed) then it is not their land. Simple. Straightforward. What complicates matter is politics… and in this case religion.

Yes, there are Israelis who would like to see their dominance in the region. However, the average Israeli wants peace. The average Israeli want prosperity and, as the whites discovered in South Africa, the blacks do shop! Believe it or not, black people are customers!

Again, this is not complicated. A free market, a truly free market without artificial political barriers is the best solution for mutual prosperity. Eventually, everybody learns this lesson. Emphasis on eventually. Meanwhile, we have to put up with the destructive forces of idiotic politicians. On both sides.

There. We said it.

It is now up to you to think. Really, really think until it hurts. If after this you are still unconvinced, then that’s your choice. Maybe the only one you really have. Enjoy it while it lasts. Which won’t be much longer. There. We told you so.

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