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Dear ReaderYou may have noticed that recently things have been going a bit off-rails so to speak. No, you are not deluded. We are having some troubles. What kind of troubles you ask? The kind that are easy to fix and the kind that are not.

On the first category, our internet provider has been having some difficulties and this led to several outages and other issues. All these issues are now resolved (hopefully) and you should continue enjoying our usual website sluggishness to load… as usual.

On the second category, we don't exactly know. You see, we designed this website with one and only one paranoid goal in mind: to protect our identities. Governments have very long arms and armies of IT people dedicated to find "People Of Interest"… whether they actually did something illegal or not. Whether they did something politically incorrect or not. Whether they "deserve" it (and we can't possibly imagine why would it be so) or not. We live in a de-facto surveillance society.

Thus, people like us wish to protect our identities and those of our families at all costs. Governments do no look kindly upon people pointing out their deficiencies. Particularly governments that are dedicated to absolute control… which are most of the governments in existence now days.

And so our little process is designed to leave no trace whatsoever of who we are. None, if we can possibly avoid it. The drawback with this process is that communication amongst ourselves is impossible. Period. We do not communicate whatsoever.

Which creates a problem. If there is a problem, we can't fix it. We may not even be aware of it.

Our editorial process is supposed to follow a simple path; Authors upload and post-date their articles, the Editor edits and Joomla (our CMS) posts automatically. You may have noticed that most of our articles look and "smell" about the same style. This is no coincidence.

The problem is that we are all busy. We all post at the last minute or 6 months in advance (don't laugh, it did happen). We all have families. We all work for a living, one way or another. We all run out of time, stamina or simply give up. It happens. We are only humans.

And so it would seem that we have hit a snag. We don't know why but some of our Authors are faltering. Is this a temporary glitch? Is it permanent? We don't know and, to be safe, we don't want to know. We don't even want to inquire.

This may seem strange, but even this situation is the Libertarian way. You either do or you do not. It is your choice and this seems to be ours.

We don't know what will happen in the future. Maybe our site will continue and maybe not. Even if we do not, we are satisfied with our effort. We have provided an alternate view and supported our beliefs with facts. We have left teachings indicating how to think if you really wish to do so. We have made it plainly clear that Libertarianism and Austrian Economics matters as a matter of everyday life. Your life.

Even if we go away, we will nevertheless keep the website up and running for others to see. Hopefully. If not, it was a good run and it is now time to move on. Google cache will be there, for as long as there is interest in our thinking. The Internet Archive will be there, to keep our thoughts alive.

Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed.

Or not. Your choice.

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