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Stinking JusticeThe killer Aaron McDonald was sentenced to 21 years in prison minimum before the possibility of parole. He got this sentence because he assaulted, raped and murdered. You can read the whole story in The New Zealand Herald searching for its title “Killer Aaron McDonald jailed for 21 years”. There you have it. Justice at work. He got what he deserved… or did he?

Well… not.

Consider this.

He will be jailed for a minimum of 21 years in a NZ prison. He will have to be sheltered, clothed, fed, provided medical attention (including psychological one), entertained, protected and in overall terms, provided free goods and services so that he may continue to live in relative comfort. Sure, a prison is not a vacation spot, but then again, it is not a hell-hole either. All in, the average cost of keeping Aaron off the streets for a minimum of 21 years will cost taxpayers about 2 million NZD.

How much will the relatives, business partners, friends, and goods and services companies related to the victims receive in compensation from Aaron? Exactly ZERO. That’s right. Not only will they not get a dime, but on top of that they will have to pay for Aaron’s wellbeing. Does this make any sense? Are the words of the judge Whata who said that it was difficult to describe the level of McDonald's depravity of any practical use? None whatsoever. The so-called “moral justice” is a joke. It does not work. It is insulting and denigrating to all victims.

As we have stated in the article Justice In The Austro Libertarian System and elsewhere, real justice is all about reversing (as best as possible) the damage produced to property. In this case, Aaron should be made to work and paid back in real, non-depreciable currency the full value of the damage he inflicted. Instead, he gets an all-expenses paid vacation, courtesy of the suckers taxpayers.

But that’s OK. Justice was done. Or at least, the entire NZ Justice system managed to justify their useless jobs once again. Hurray!!! The system works… just not for you nor for Aaron’s victims and certainly not for other people who suffered economic damages.

Is then a surprise that people are unsatisfied with current Justice, their concepts, principles applications and outcomes? Of course not. The problem, again, is that they have been brainwashed through many decades of so-called state education. They are not thinking things through. That’s all right. There must be something for us to do.

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