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Police BrutalityA few days back there was an interesting article in the Mexican newspaper El Universal. Its title was "Ninja police to protect users from crime". The gist of it was that the governor of the province of Tlalnepantla requested assistance from the army, the navy and the federal police (no, this is not a joke) to persecute society's enemies. As such, "special operations" involving experts in small weapons and martial arts ("specialized operatives") were green lighted to "operate" in plain clothes in public transports. The excuse was to "deal with" delinquents.

At this point, we could launch ourselves into an endless diatribe about the progressive militarization of police forces; forces that are supposed to protect us and not to "deal with" regular crimes. We could also ask what the term "deal with" would entail, since it involves "experts" in small arms and martial arts. Probably nothing healthy for quite a lot of people… but again, we digress. In any event, we wouldn't want to suggest too much since…you know… our next vacation may be in Mexico…

But no. We will let the comments of Mexico express their opinion for us. These are some of their stories (loosely translated):

  • What's funny and stupid is the governor's brainy commentary about citizens being subjected to violence and robbery while protected by his bodyguards and keeping his legal and illegal salary which bears no relation to people's reality of having to support the government plague which is concealing their drug-dealing partners to whom they sell protection, when these kinds of politicians are subjected to the same suffering the people has, only then we will believe them. Please, don't take us for imbeciles.
  • These kinds of groups are very dangerous because every time there is a change in administration there is no follow-up; the majority of criminal organizations originated in the disintegration of "special groups" from the police or the army.
  • After a while those very same plain clothes police officers will be robbing us in public transports.
  • Investigate police officers with new trucks which are very expensive, how could they afford to pay them? I don't think is with their salary. There are plenty of rumors saying that police officers and their bosses are partners with organized crime. What we need is ninjas to submit the police.
  • After a while, these very same ninja police became the bosses of delinquent groups.
  • It's obvious that the governor is supporting the safety of… rats [delinquent bands], we don't have a clue if [these groups] will use their newly acquired skills for good…
  • Ninja police, right!
  • It remains to be seen for how long they will stay on the law's side; it is to be noted that many former police are now thieves and if they are trained in martial arts even worse.

It is obvious that Mexican people are not stupid, at least quite a few of them. They understand and see the consequences. They can follow the money and the smell. The only problem is that they are powerless to do anything about it. They are trapped in democracy.

It is also obvious that there is a certain amount of violence and criminality in this province, but the solution is not to militarize police forces while giving them operational orders to "deal with" crime in plain clothes…while being in Mexico where everybody knows that laws are…well… let's use the term "flexible" to accommodate most eventualities.

If the government would really want to provide for the security of his voters, all he has to do is to repeal any weapons purchasing, carrying and concealing laws and let the chips fall where they may. And so, let the criminals take a chance in a bus or train full of armed citizens. Presto! Problem solved.

But, of course, this will never be because the government must maintain as many artificial monopolies as possible. The monopoly of violence is of particular importance because it is the main means by which a government imposes its will. It matters not if it happens in Mexico, Tajikistan, Finland or Taiwan.

And before somebody starts screaming that we are a bunch of violence-mongering, right-wing lunatics, let's be clear. We are not advocating for arming citizens, we are advocating for returning the rights that were stolen to citizens in the first place. Let the citizens themselves determine if they want to purchase and carry weapons.

Furthermore, if you prefer an even better solution, cancel all laws altogether in said province and declare it government-free. This will nearly-instantaneously solve the vast majority of the problems. This will be so because any entrepreneur with at least half neuron still working would want to move in there. They will have ZERO taxes and will be able to import into US, courtesy of the NAFTA.

But, of course, it will never happen. Politicians must protect their jobs (and "other" sources of revenue…) at all costs.

What else is new in the world?

We don't know, but we will eventually get to it.

Meanwhile, you may choose to believe us or not.

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