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Global Warming for VotesTHE SOLUTION

OK, OK. We get it. But if you people are so smart, what's your solution?

Fair enough. Here it goes. But you won't like it, this much we can guarantee.

Let's begin by stating and for the record that we unquestionably, absolutely, positively, definitively and without a shadow of a doubt support global warming scientific research. The more the merrier. However, please note, we said scientific, not pseudo-scientific nor political so-called "research". Got that?

Secondly, we fully agree that something is definitively wrong with our planet. Temperature is raising and this raise will bring devastation. However, although we expect this devastation to be significant, we don't really know the extent of it. This is for two reasons;

a) because we don't know how much the temperature will raise (it may be less than forecasted - hopefully)

b) because we don't know what else will get affected (think for example the Jet Stream changing or stopping or ocean currents stopping - this would be devastating).

So, with all those unknowns, how do we proceed?

Simple, we stop all attempts to try to minimize, stop or even reverse global warming. We stop capping CO2 and making the lives of billions of people even worse than they need to be.

Instead, we focus 100% with coping with global warming. We focus on the areas that will be affected. We focus on population displacement. We focus on food and water scarcities. We focus on new sources of energy. We focus on making everything, everywhere energy-efficient. We focus on harnessing the unstable weather patterns that global warming is sure to bring. And so on. And lastly we focus on research, research and more research into global warming and possible ways to control it (e.g. blocking the sun with reflective particles). We focus on new, revolutionary sources of non-carbon-based energy. Can't be done? Why? What is there in our proposal that is undoable? With current technology and research? Today?


Nothing! It's all doable.

And what will this bring to the table? Two things:

  • The first one is that we won't be acting on informed guesses
  • The second is that we will be acting positively and decidedly to ensure the lives of people in the near future will be as good as possible.

But is this enough? It certainly is. Think about it. We would be taking measures that we absolutely know that we need. Nobody in their right mind believes that catastrophes are not in the horizon. We can act now to minimize them. But if we focus solely on curtailing CO2, those catastrophes will still reach us!

At the same time, we wouldn't be condemning billions of people to misery today and in the near future through artificial financial burdens.

In parallel with those processes we would be searching for other sources of energy that are not carbon dependent, should the CO2 sensitivity theory be correct. However, even if the CO2 theory is not correct, non-carbon-based energy generators are highly desirable in and by themselves as they curtail all kinds of pollution and provide limitless -comparatively speaking- energy.

Lastly, should the current CO2 theory be proven accurate, we could use those new energy generators to re-terraform earth by converting CO2 into other, harmless, molecules. Can't be done?  It sure can. One of the most basic premises of chemistry and biochemistry is that pretty much any molecule that is compatible with atomic physics can be build or transformed; it is just a matter of energy… which we would have in abundance!


What we propose is consistent with the free market (no surprises here) where humans left to their own devices would be looking after themselves first. This means that they would create a gigantic market (i.e. demand) for devices and technologies that will minimize the effects of global warming. At the same time and knowing that nobody but themselves are in charge, they would demand from manufacturers higher and higher efficiencies as well as non-pollution and minimization of CO2 emissions based on their own self-interest.

Furthermore, people would fund research in global warming voluntarily, again based on self-interest. Imagine. No more government boondoggles where crackpot pseudo-scientists bid for grants. No more preferential treatment for politically connected scientists. Plenty of money from industries profiting from global warming. Presto! A growing body of research.

Not only that, but as markets provide just-in-time solutions, so will markets be operating at the cutting edge of global warming scientific research because it would be in their best interest to be the first on the market with yet another solution. No delays. No bullshit. No bureaucracy. Just solutions… which the free market will judge and determine their worth!

Eventually and in the end and as new sources of energy are discovered and brought online, people will being to purchase re-terraforming technologies out of their own self-interest. This is simple to understand. If you are living with permanent high temperatures and erratic, violent weather, wouldn't you pledge money to bring about a lasting solution? Of course you would! It is the same principle for which we take care of our properties. We want to maintain their value and we want to live comfortably. Of course we would!

But what about new energy sources?

Simple. Free markets always provided just-in-time solutions to problems. There is no reason to believe that non-carbon-based sources of energy won't be available just-in-time to solve our problems. Why would it be so? Because our current energy sources are becoming too expensive, not only in terms of commodity prices but in terms of the cost of preparing for global warming catastrophes. Think about it. Would you invest in a company that researches such sources of energy if you see your cost of living raising and raising with no end in sight? Of course you would! And so would many other capitalist investors and they would do so out of their own self-interest.

And here is the last wrinkle. If we would be living in a Libertarian culture, we would be far, far wealthier than what we are now. All of us. The entire world over. Can you imagine what such wealth would do for global warming; this time in the right (i.e. your) hands?


In the end global warming is not about temperatures or gases or anything else. It is about energy. If we find abundant sources of non-carbon-based energy, we can solve global warming today. Think about it. If we would to find just one of such sources (and we suspect that there are many of those "out there") we could remove all industrial sources of CO2 within a few years. Now think again. We are not talking about capping the CO2 levels to 2010 or 2000. We are talking about eliminating all industrial CO2 sources as in zero sources! There. That would solve all CO2 emission issues (if CO2 is truly to be blamed).

  • With such sources we could re-terraform earth.
  • With such sources we could eliminate pollution (yes, as in 100%).
  • With such sources we could have a quantum leap on quality of life for everybody on earth.

Yes, we could.

Yet, what are governments doing in this front; the only front worth fighting? Nothing new. It is business as usual.

Now a question, do you believe it is business as usual?

Thought so.


Global warming is here to stay. That much is a fact. However, the course of action that governments are taking (or cheating on) is not the appropriate course of action. This is so because it will accomplish very little, very late. Misery and devastation is now in our future but that's not the worst of it. The worst of it is that a great deal of harm will be inflicted to us by governments simply due to politics. Which begs the question, how many lives is worth one political job? If you ask us, our answer wold be none. Zero.

But then again, the world is not Libertarian. The world does not operate in a free market. The world is a shitty place where we are constantly under threat and fear; economic and physical. We fear our government. We fear all governments. And that's the truth.

Yet, in the end it is your choice. You may choose to believe in government action. That's fair; just one warning. When global warming finally arrives don't expect any help from us. We gave you plenty of advanced notice. Deal with it!

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.
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