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Government Thief


When a game is rigged the only solution is not to play. Trying to change the rules of a rigged game it's pointless because you do not control the game. The very idea that you can fix a political system by "adjusting" the concept of fairness inside such system it's a fallacy. You can only adjust fairness inside of a political system within the boundaries that such political system allows. Unfortunately, those boundaries are strictly designed to keep politicians in power. As such, you can never fix a political system to become "fair" because you cannot force a political system to stop making decisions about other people's properties without their knowledge or consent. You cannot do so because that would spell the end of the political system and thus the end of jobs for politicians.


Within this context it is now easy to understand why nothing in your life is fair. This is so because the very concept of fairness was imposed onto you by other people with other goals in mind. It is now easy to understand why your fight for "fairness" it's an endless frustration because your concept of "fairness" will never match their concept of "fairness". It is pointless. If there is a lesson in this article is that fighting for "fairness" it's a gigantic waste of time. It's a distraction. It's smoke and mirrors. While you're fighting for something that doesn't even exist they are pocketing their salaries from your wealth by doing exactly nothing.

Now, we understand that this idea is difficult to digest. You have not been brought up like this. We get that. Unfortunately, this is a reality. This is as real as it gets. But you don't believe us, we understand that, then, if you have the stamina, go ask a politician what is their objective definition of "fair". But be sure to emphasize the word "objective". You're not interested in their opinion. You're not interested in their point of view. You're not interested in the partyline, or political theory or realpolitik. You're interested in numbers. Cold, hard core numbers. But not just the numbers that they will feed you, the numbers that have been massaged by expert statisticians for PR purposes. No. You're interested in the big picture. You want to know for every "fair" decision what is the real price. What are we losing in our standards of living by adopting such decision. You want to know why is that such and such "fair" decision is better and superior than doing nothing and allowing the free market to increase everybody's standard of living steadily, progressively and sustainably.

Because, you know, in economics as in life there is no free lunch. Thus, we must absolutely ask what is the price we are paying for "fairness"?

You're not interested in knowing why in current circumstances such and such decision it's "fair". What you want to know is what would have happened should the decision hadn't been taken. Because we guarantee that no politician has those cold and telling numbers. They cannot point to an alternate future and explain to you objectively that people would have been better off. They cannot do so simply because it is not true.

Political concepts of "fairness" are always tied to government spending. It is not the question of spending or not spending, it is a question of how much.


In an unfair economic system it is unfairness that drives entrepreneurs to improve our standards of living. It is unfairness that forces people to come up with bigger, better, and cheaper solutions to real problems. Unfairness it's actually the engine of creativity and productivity. By removing unfairness from an economic environment politicians are backstabbing the architects of our well-being!

Think about it.

If you are manufacturer of surgical equipment which you mostly sell to governments you don't have any incentives to improve your costs or improve your product because the government doesn't demand so. Government's customers (that would be sick people) are in no position to demand so either. They cannot choose which surgical implements or machinery they prefer. This is so because the decision is made by surgeons which are being paid by governments which are not interested in hearing from patients. This is so because patients cannot simply go out and hire a different surgeon or demand a different surgical equipment by the expedient way of spending their money in a different hospital. In this environment there is almost no competition because the "fairness" of the situation does not allow for it. This is the very reason why "fairness" actually decreases our standards of living.


And thus we come to an end of this article and we ask; do you still want "political fairness"? Or do you prefer the unfairness of the free market and it's a relentless drive to improve your life as soon as possible.

We know that many of the answers will be no. You prefer "fairness". That's okay. We expect as much. We cannot deprogram you nor we can force you to adopt any ideas. It's your choice. Just one warning. Once "political fairness" finally finishes driving the entire world into the garbage bin in a haze of debt don't come to us asking for solutions. We don't have any and we won't give you any. We will only tell you that the free market has them all, whether you like it or not. There you go.

PS.: in a political arena we always root for the lions!

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