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Government ThiefA few days back we published the article Fairness Is Asymmetric where we outlined how fairness works in real life within our current political system. We showed you that fairness only works in favor of yours and our political masters. It never works in your or our favor.

Today we are going to take a deeper look at your psyche in order to help you understand how you have been brainwashed and why it is so difficult for you to get rid of the concept of "fairness".


Let's begin with a simple question. What is fairness?

Did we get you by surprise? No, we're not here trying to piss you off. We are asking a very serious question. What is fairness?


Are you having a tough time answering it? Of course you are!

Now that we have posed the question you begin to realize how clueless you are. Why is this so? Because, fairness as you know it, is not defined but only imposed on you by other people. You don't ever get to choose what is fair and what isn't. Politicians will tell you what is fair. Your religion is not tell you what is fair. The law will describe to you what is fair. Regulations will outline how much fairness you deserve. The political machine that drives our current political system will define what "fairness" is and what isn't. You're not supposed to have an opinion beyond the positions that were selected for you. You're always presented with a few options that are predigested, outlined, and neatly packaged in order to give you the appearance of choice when in reality what you're getting is a course setting. You can only get in one general direction and the direction is the direction that was pre-set for you from the onset.

Think about it!

When you are presented a political discussion, a political argument, are you ever asked what would you like to talk about? No. You are always told this is the problem and these are the choices and you're only allowed to debate those choices or to only veer slightly off course. You're almost never presented with the problem and asked for your solution. And in the rare occasions when you are, any and all your answers will be thoroughly ignored by the political system.

This is not a mistake. This is not done by error. This is done based on political calculation to ensure that whichever choice ultimately wins it will ensure a maximum number of votes for the politician in charge.

From this perspective "fairness" is exactly that, an "issue" that needs to be "resolved". But it must be resolved in such a manner as to maximize "righteousness" or "ethics" or "morality" or the political theory du jour. As you can imagine, if politicians operate within this framework, it is almost impossible to reach any meaningful conclusion as to what "fairness" actually is or means.

We have been brainwashed by our educational system to think or to align our concept of "fairness" to the current political thinking. The problem is that any political thinking by definition it's a political theory and as such it's a philosophical theory which has no basis in objectivity. As we mentioned in our article Political Theories and Systems - What They Are And How They Work political theories and political systems are not scientific systems and as such they are internally inconsistent, incoherent and very, very wrong. Linking our concept of "fairness" to such a fuzzy mess can only result in a bigger fuzzy mess.

It is for this reason that when people argue about what is and what isn't fair and they can almost never reach an agreement; and when they do it almost never lasts. This is something to be expected because our concept of "fairness" is not only heavily subjective but constraint to very specific boundaries.

This is yet another reason why our current political systems fails so miserably and leaves everybody unhappy when it comes to "fairness" unless it deals with robbing rich people (i.e. you and us) and giving out stuff for "free"… just not to you or us, of course, because that wouldn't be "fair". But when they do so, anything becomes magically "fair"; what a coincidence!

And so the time has come for us to explain to you what fairness really is so that you may better understand why is that the concept of "fairness" within our current political system it's not only meaningless but divisive.


Fairness it's a personal and subjective concept. Fairness can be understood as anything you want it to be under any circumstance that you may choose. Fairness has absolutely nothing to do with the forced redistribution of wealth and it has nothing to do with universal healthcare or taxation or public schooling or cheap public transport. That kind of "fairness" is what you have been trained to think about when you speak about fairness.

But if you dig deep at the end of your quest you will find that fairness is nothing more than a choice, a decision that you are making for whatever reason you choose to make it. Fairness is not a magical process which levels out injustice (whatever it may mean), it magically restores "equality" and makes everything just right.

Again, fairness is a choice, a decision, and nothing else. As such, it can never ever be objective. Because it cannot be objective the vast majority of people will never be able to agree on it. It is the very concept that an agreement can be reached that is poisoning your understanding of fairness. Once you get rid of this concept you realize that in ultimate analysis fairness is simply the choice of doing what you want with your property for whatever reason you want to do so without anybody interfering in your doing. And this definition is valid for every person on the planet. Because only you can define what fairness means for you, it is only logical to apply this concept to everybody and prevent everybody else from applying this concept onto you. Thus, we have a strict separation of properties.


But this is a problem for politicians because their main source of votes is the money that they rob from some people and give to others. They must come up with alternative definitions which will allow their pillaging of other people's money and properties. As such, the best definition of "fairness" that they can come up with is a definition that is fuzzy, incomprehensible, illogical, and will allow for maximum distribution or to be precise redistribution of other people's wealth to the big voting masses.

Consequently, they have the tendency to define fairness as something that becomes very expensive over time and affects a large number of people.

Because we have been taught to believe and to think that way, we keep doing it time and time again. It is only "fair" that we have the progressive taxation system; it is only "fair" that we have a social healthcare system; it is only "fair" that we have public education. Almost nobody ever stops to think and ask the critical question: why this is fair?

The few who do are typically confronted with the fuzzy and nonsensical answer that it is "for the greater good". Apparently this is so because it "benefits" a "vast majority" of "society". And it would seem that this makes everything okay. In other words, the end justifies the means.

Unfortunately, it doesn't.

If the end is to have better healthcare or better education or a public transportation system, taxing rich people (and the middle class) only removes capital from the marketplace. As such, entrepreneurship becomes less effective and prices either stagnate or rise instead of drop. What we end up with is the opposite of "the greater good". Now that we know that the end is bogus does this bogus end justify the means? Does this fake end justify the "fair" means?

You decide.

Because our decision is very clear. The answer is: No Way!


Fairness, as preached by politicians it's nothing but a scam based on ideas that when executed to completion generate the exact opposite of what they proclaim to achieve.

We know and understand that this is difficult to digest. We're not saying that you can just shed 20 or 30 years of public education in five minutes. We're not asking you to believe us either. What we are asking you to do is to think it through. And once you have done this, switch sides and think it through again. And then, and only then, tell us what is the meaning of "fair". If you have been honest with yourself you will realize that you have reached an impasse. You cannot objectively define what is fair and what isn't.

This strange outcome it's not strange at all precisely because the definition of "good" and "evil" within a political philosophy it's purely subjective.

Within a practical political environment the only "fair" option is to allow every people to decide by themselves what does "fair" mean and to do it in such a manner that it does not interfere in a nonvoluntary way with other peoples' decisions or definitions.

Strangely enough, this means that if you want a "fair" political system you must absolutely come to the conclusion that you cannot have a "fair" system because that would be "unfair" to the people who disagree with the definition of fairness within that system!

For as long as this fake concept that you can reach a fair political system exists in your mind, you will keep hitting your head against the wall in trying to reach a "fair" and "balanced" political policy that you would like to see implemented.

Let's be clear. There is nothing wrong with your thinking. You have to understand this. Your thinking is all right… for you. What is not all right is the concept that you have the right to impose this concept onto other people by force.

For as long as you keep falling in this trap that politicians have set up for you, you won't be able to see the real solution.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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