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Tic Tac Toe Politics

Suckers! You were expecting that we would publish the answer as promised, on time right? Not a chance! Let that be a lesson to you. No. Really. Let that be a lesson to you. Everybody lies.

How come?

Remember what we said time and time again? We are not to be trusted. We don't want your trust. Actually, we want you to trust no one. Trusting "the democratic process" and trusting "politicians" and trusting those who act "for the greater good" is what got us where we are today; royally screwed!

The whole point of the argument is that you must make up your own mind. Do you own research. Look at the data. And then, and only then, decide.

What? Too much work?

You lazy slob! Of course it is too much work, "too much" being, again, of course, subjective. Look, this is not hard or difficult. For as long as you don't think for yourself, people in the system will continue to take advantage of you, one way or another. Their worst enemy is not an "enlightened" person (whatever that may mean), but a thinking person. A cautious person. A cynical person. And this is so because doubting, regardless of what you have been told, is a good thing. Doubting is what allows you to challenge their points of view. Doubting is what allows you to disregard their commands. Doubting is what allows you to be of independent mind. And this is all what is it about in the end. Independence. Not political but of your mind.

This site is many things, but one thing it most certainly is, is a small mirror of reality. Our point is that we are not alone in the manure, but all people anywhere in the world are smelling the same shit. It matters not in which country you reside. It matters not what flavour of "democracy" you "enjoy". It matters not who dictates the "laws" and force you to abide by "regulations". It only matters that you are and that you are being forced because this much we can guarantee you: anywhere you go you will smell the same.

We have gone to great lengths to show you how country after country after country is subject to the same idiocy, the same stupidity, the same nonsense and the same exploitation. Do you actually think that you are safe because you live in a "powerful" country? Or in a "deeply social" one? Or in a "small and manageable" one? Think again.

All politicians have the same goal; to stay in power. For that they use the same tools, and express the same behaviour no matter where you are. As a consequence of this, we end up in the same dire conditions regardless of where we stand.

Do you believe that whatever economic conditions you are living are "special" to your country? Do you believe that no other country is going through them as we type or that hasn't ever gone through them before or that it won't go through them at some point in the future? Really? Do you really think so? And why is so? What led you to this brilliant conclusion? Because, you know, is not the data and neither is history. Check them. Check the data. Check the history books. And so why is that you believe that your situation is "unique"?

You don't know. But we do. And we will tell you so.

Because for more than 200 years we have been brainwashed to think in terms of "our" country. As such, what is happening to "us" in "our" country has to be different from what is happening to "them" in "their" country. It has to be this way because otherwise we would have to acknowledge that our entire life, and the lives of our predecessors, has been a lie. All that pain and suffering, wars, calamities, economic disasters, pain, cruelty, you know, basically the worst parts of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata was all for nothing. Worse. It was so, so that a bunch of people could retain their cushy jobs.

Yes, this is as bad as it sounds.

And because of this, we cannot deal with the consequences. We cannot acknowledge that we have been so really screwed, so simply screwed and so often screwed. We can't deal with the truth!

The purpose of this site is to open your eyes to the truth that there is no truth; there is only better models and reality is the ultimate judge. We must be ready to get rid of our beliefs as soon as evidence says so. There is no stability and familiarity in the outside word; there is only the stability and familiarity we make for ourselves. Doubt is good because it allows us to get rid of absolutist and broken beliefs with little or no pain. Doubt is good because it leads us to the confidence that we are capable of surviving and thriving in a world with permanent change. In such a word the only constant is the fact that we embrace such change and that makes us part of the real world, not the make-believe fairy tale politicians keep spinning on us.

Don't believe us?


Now you are learning.

Keep it up!... and associated clichés.

Now you are getting the point.

And our little puzzle?

Oh, yeah, that thing.

Did you manage to find out who said what? Because you know, some of those sayings have had to been said by one of your "representatives". For sure. Some of them are so, but so familiar that they must have. You have heard them before. Deja-vu, right?

Probably not.

They have all been muttered by the incoming president of Argentina, Mr. Macri and they have all been said very, very recently.

The point is that it does not matter where you live, it does not matter under which political system you live under, you have heard them before! It is not an Argentine thingy nor a South African thingy, nor a French or Chinese or Russian thingy. Is a world thingy. Is a democratic thingy and that's the truth!

And now, go handle it!

Or not. If you prefer to live in perpetual absolutist darkness where reality gets disconnected more and more from the political ideas coming down the line from the political pulpits, its your choice. Heck! If you would like to crash and burn, please hurry up so that the rest of us can go on with our lives! Because you know, you will crash and burn. Several times. Until you or the next generation gives up. Finally! But one thing, enjoy the knowledge that all that pain and suffering  that happens is on you. Yes. You personally. Because you knew. There. Enjoy your political system!

Oh, and what has the image of a Tic-Tac-Toe game got to do with anything? Think! Why don't you play Tic-Tac-Toe any longer? Because it is a deadly boring game. Why? Because if you have an IQ slightly higher than a potato, it is obvious that neither player can win. It always ends in a stalemate. Just like the political game you are playing now. Best you can ever expect is to stagnate forever. Have fun!

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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