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ChoicesDifferences between Market Anarchism and Social Anarchism.

From our series Political Spectrum.

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Differences between Market Anarchism and Social Anarchism


Market Anarchism

Social Anarchism

It promotes the good of every single individual but without the existence of a government.

It believes that a just society can only be achieved if the collective is in control of everything (no government)

Similar goals as Libertarianism (but without government)

Similar goals than communism (but without government)



People should be completely free to undertake whatever activities they desire

People should not be able to use their freedom and resources as they wish

Freedom leads to justice

Freedom leads to many injustices

The only property is private property

The only property belongs to the collective

Government is the source of most humankind problems

Government is the source of most humankind problems

Incompatible with governments

Incompatible with governments

Free markets

Slave or controlled markets

Governments interfere with free markets

Governments interfere with the collective

Opposed to all kinds of force except for defense

Uses force to achieve its means

Governments are unjust because they interfere with free will

Governments are unjust because they support capitalism and prevent the rise of the collective

Everything can be accomplished with maximum efficiency by a market driven economy

All injustices can be solved and equity can be obtained by an economy fully controlled by the collective

Seeks political triumph exclusively through non-violent means

Seeks political triumph by whatever means necessary, typically violent ones


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