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AgreementOur readers write and one of them pointed out to a fantastic Argentine cartoonist that goes by the pseudonym of Quino (you can see his biography in Wikipedia searching for "Quino"). After some digging we spent quite a large number of hours (more that we actually had to spend on this topic) rejoicing in his humour. His highly on-target but child-like criticism of society and the powers that control us is direct, very enjoyable and obvious. Quite an achievement. There are many of his works of art that are prone to use by either side of the political spectrum and even for people like us, who has no side. However, in the spirit of agreement, we selected one that we believe we can all agree to, regardless of our political or religious views. And there it is:


As this is in Spanish, please find below a lose translation:

1 - Quino

2 - Members of the FAO gathered in Rome in an attempt to resolve the problem of world-wide hunger.

3 - Members of the UN Security Council gathered in New York in an attempt to resolve the problem of global insecurity.

4 - Members of the ILO gathered in Geneva in an attempt to resolve the problem of global unemployment.

5 - Members of the UNICEF and the WHO gathered in Paris in an attempt to resolve problems such as: childhood without education, lack of sanitation and the growing lack of water affecting today several regions of the globe.

6 - Members of the Rosales family gathered in their shack in the slum town of "Villa Tachito" (little rusty can) in an attempt to resolve their problems of: hunger, insecurity, unemployment, impossibility to send their children to school, not having medical care, not having drinking water in the house, not…

Once in a while it is a good thing to remind ourselves what it is all about. We are not cartoonist and we do our best to depict graphically what we think. But a true genius as Quino really hits the target. Let's be clear. We are not trying to coopt Quino's work. He did what he did for the reasons he had. However, it is undeniable that his genius resonates with reality.

Regardless of our points of view, we can all agree that this is the real problem. At least those of us who do not have vested interests in keeping our political jobs or profiting from political jobs instead of serving the people.

Our point of view is that the best solution is to let market forces sort things out and clean-up the mess that all those democratic systems created. From that point onwards, also let the free market endlessly increase our standards of living.

But, yet again, you may think differently. In this case, your wellbeing millage will most definitively vary.

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