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Ukraine PMUkraine's Prime Minister has stated that Russia [Putin] wants to "restore Soviet Union". Apparently and according to the BBC News website in its article "Ukraine PM says Russia wants to 'restore Soviet Union" this is news somehow.

We forecasted this fact quite some time ago (see for example The USSR Strikes Again for a schedule of events and We Told You So for an update). We can only guess that what makes it news is the fact that a politician (high up enough) has stated the obvious. It would seem that Ukraine politicians are afraid they are going to lose their jobs, because again, the PM is talking about the elimination of Ukraine.

Of course, everybody and their cats and dogs have the ultra-strong suspicion that Russia is behind the new "revolutionary" spirit that has suddenly engulfed Ukraine. You see dear reader, according to the "official story" that Russia is selling it would seem that a great deal of Ukrainian people have suddenly forgotten Stalin purges and famine (40 million people starved to death) and all the wonders and benefits of having lived under communism for 80+ years with its high "security" level provided by friendly KGB officers (and snitches). Furthermore, these "forgetful" people have decided that enough is enough, that democracy stinks and that dictatorship works. Additionally they are fully in agreement that a local dictator won't work and that only a foreign, Russian dictator is what the country deserves and needs.

To this end, these "enlightened" Ukrainian people have procured heavy weapons (artillery and rocket launchers) in addition to light weapons all by themselves. Of course, this should not be a problem since we all know how easy is to procure these items right there in your supermarket of choice.

Of course this is grossly incompetent propaganda.

Of course this is the very same propaganda style that was used during the best years of the USSR by the KGB (remember? tried-and-true).

Of course they don't expect anybody to believe them.

Of course they will get away with it.

The purpose of the propaganda is not to achieve any result today (the future of Ukraine is already predetermined) but to be able to resume quasi-normal relations with the West once the new Russian empire is consolidated. We must never forget that the engine of political evolution and the engine of governments is in ultimate analysis economic. Yes, Putin wants the old USSR empire restored but he also knows that if they close themselves economically they will end up exactly as the USSR did: collapsing. Putin does not want this and therefore he is putting his chips in play for after the revolution is over. He must do so now so that going forward there will be no inconsistency in messages. Eventually in 2 or 5 years, once the new "evil empire" is completed the message will slowly become the "official story". This will be so because there are too many economic interests on both sides of the border and too much money to be made. These economic interests (the power elite) will find it convenient to accept Russia's explanation as an enabler to make profits. The new Russian empire will be seen with distrust but also with the realization that they are not communists and that they speak a common language: money. As such, it will be possible (and profitable) to close deals with them. These are "people we can do deals with" will be the new motto. Of course, by "these" they mean the Russian power elite.

Now, what's in it for the average person in Russia? A great deal, we are afraid to say. You must understand, dear reader, that Russian people have not yet evolved passed the dictatorship step in their political path. They feel that they need a "strong man" to "restore Russia" into its former glory. This, of course, could not be otherwise. Full fledge democracy was simply too farther away from the iron-fisted communism to be viable as a step in economic evolution. As such Russian people will get exactly what they want: a new empire and a new dictator. Sure, not all Russian people feel the same way, but the majority has not yet evolved passed this point.

What Russian people will get is a renewed (but mild) economic renaissance as their power elite empties the coffers (and resources) of satellite (i.e. servant) ex-countries in their new empire. All the (economic) roads will now lead to Moscow. Russians will be better off because of this… but not their servant (or slave) "countries" under them. Because of this, the new empire will be stable. Or at least stable enough for the power elite to plunder at will. We must remember that Russia is not China. Russia has not and will not embrace capitalism the way China did. Russian power elite is still stuck in the old "rape and plunder" mentality. It is for this reason that there will not be a major economic renaissance for Russian people. But in any case, they will get what they want.

Yes Mr. Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Russia is rebuilding its empire and Ukraine is next. You just figured out this just now? How come? What have you been doing for the last 10+ years while Putin was messaging his intentions all over the international wall? Oh… that's right… you were playing politics.

And there you have it, dear reader, the uselessness of politicians (and politics in general) in plain view. Alas, this is as it should be and it could not have been in any other different way. People cannot skip evolutionary steps in politics in the same manner as fish cannot suddenly grow wings and fly.

But then again, this is only our opinion. If you believe that Life, Liberty and the Pursue of Happiness can be achieved through governments we wish you good luck. Particularly if you happen to find yourself stuck in the "new empire". You are going to need it.

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