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ProgressThere is a new IPSOS MORI poll gauging the feeling of progress throughout the world. The question that many citizens from several countries were asked to answer was: "To what extent, if at all, do you feel that your generation will have had a better or worse life than your parents' generation, or will it be about the same?" The result? It was described as "surprising" by many commentators, political analysts and the general "know it all" spin doctors. Well, it may have been surprising for "them" but it was most certainly not surprising to us. The result can be seen below, with a few minor additions of our own.


As you can see, the less developed countries have the highest hopes, while the more developing countries have the lowest hope levels (with few exceptions which are to be expected since nothing is perfect in this world, not even our theories). The explanation is actually quite simple. The less developed countries are simultaneously (and by coincidence) also the less politically evolved ones. They have emerged from what can only be described as dictatorial/monarchical systems and into democratic ones. The levels of personal and economic freedom have increased substantially. Hence, it is to be fully expected that they may feel confident about the future while in a midst of an economic wellbeing wave. The more developed countries on the other hand, are also the more politically developed ones. They have already experienced large increases in personal and economic freedom and are now suffering from the decay of the democratic system. As such, they are suffering from increasingly economic woes and the curtailment of freedoms as the democratic system fights a losing battle to remain in power. Of course, the citizens of these countries do not see and do not understand this process. They can only see the general malaise and daily decrease of their standards of living. These processes will eventually lead them into the next political evolution. This is exactly what our theory describes as necessary conditions for the next political step (see Political Systems Lifecycle ).



Many political pundits and commentators have pointed out that for many of the developed countries and particularly for the teen and post-teen generation, this means a dead end. Their thinking is as follows:

  1. Conditions are worsening
  2. Depression sets-in
  3. Lack of political education prompts no action
  4. No action takes place
  5. We (they) are doomed

This is, of course, nonsense and stupidity. As we have stated many times, the democratic system is indeed doomed. However, what is not doomed is human civilization and more specifically human political evolution. As Ludwig von Mises stated long time ago, the most powerful Action Axiom is that all human action is purposeful. This means that when seeking a goal humans act with a purpose. This acting does not necessarily need to be "active"; it can be "passive". To make the decision not to act is also to act with purpose. And this is exactly what the so-called "depressed" generation has decided to do. Not to act. Not to complain. Not to vote. What for? They can't change anything, nobody is listening and they are disillusioned with democracy. And guess what? This is exactly the correct diagnosis of the problem. These are exactly the correct solutions to the problem. Democracy is doomed. The only way to win is not to play. If you can't solve the problem then the best you can do is to help speeding up the debacle. Shorten the pain. In this case, go off-grid. Ignore the government. Act as a free and responsible person.

Coincidentally enough, this is precisely the road towards the next political evolution: Austro-Libertarianism in its infinite forms.


We are glad when our theories receive confirmation from third parties. Primarily because it means that we won't have to go back and rework the theories, which is time consuming and annoying. We much rather harp about being right and continue marching on. Rest assured, we will do so. However, should our theories become disproved by reality, we will stand corrected and more; we will correct ourselves. We won't lie.


This new poll is indeed an elegant confirmation of our political evolutionary theories but this is a personal goal of us. What it implies for humanity is much more important. There are good news indeed! People are evolving politically much faster than we expected and this is motive for celebration. Join us in the toast with orange juice (with or without Vodka) to celebrate this great victory of the human spirit, whether its actors know it or not. But then again, if you prefer to grumble and complain and keep voting, it's your depression and none of our business.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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